Friday, September 16, 2011

Spend "Tonight" With D'Manti

Up-N-Comer D’Manti, whose name means “Sparkling Diamond” has a single that is appropriate for all of your evenings, titled: “Tonight.”

With a current Billboard break out hit and beauty to spare, D’Manti is poised to hit the bit time!

I checked in with her at an ad shoot for designer Maggie Berry & Flaunt Magazine and grabbed a few sound bites while she was in getting her hair and make-up done.

MS: So this photo shoot is for Flaunt Magazine?

D’Manti: Yes, it is.

MS: Does d’Manti like being styled and made-up?

D’Manti: I love it! It is so much fun!

MS: You sing in English & Spanish.

D’manti: Yes, and Spanglish too !

MS: Did you write your current song “Tonight”?

D’manti: I did. (she is getting rouge applied right now)

MS: Are you one of those singers who writes all of your own material?

D’manti: I collaborate as well, but the majority of my music I write. (eyeliner time)

MS: You are camera ready, looking fabulous!

D’Manti: Thank you, speak soon.

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