Thursday, September 29, 2011

Video: "Trying To Leave Now" Aiden Leslie

He’s back! The guy with the killer falsetto Aiden Leslie has just released his much anticipated follow up to his debut “Worlds’ Away” an ominously titled single called “Trying To Leave Now.”

So Mr. Leslie share some thoughts with us on your latest…"I wrote "Trying to Leave Now" about a person in my life I have always had deep feelings for, but was afraid to express."

Extrapolate please.

"When it comes to love, things are not black and white," care to explain some more Aiden? "If love isn’t working, it’s important to be honest with yourself and to find the courage to say what you feel to the other person, and understand that sometimes, leaving is the only option."

All that being said “Trying To Leave Now” is on the fast track to become another hit for this musical man. Check it out!

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