Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick Or Treat: It's "Scream Queen" Raine Brown

Actress Raine Brown has done it all from drama to comedy, stage to film…

That being said, Raine is best known as one of the premiere indie horror actresses around. A “Scream Queen” if you will who has legions of followers and lights up any movie she appears in such as “100 Tears” for which she won best supporting actress at the 2008 Tabloid Witch Awards, “Barricade” & “Brain Cell.”

She also hosted “New York's Village Halloween Parade 2005” - Trick or treat, guess whose knocking at your door for Halloween…?

MS: Hey Raine..Boo! How are you? film anything that is going to make us scream this year?

RB: I’m doing great, I have done a couple of horror films and I am actually in the middle of shooting a comedy right now.

MS: Awesome!

RB: Yeah, it’s really cool, a different change of pace.

MS: So Raine, shall we get spooky? It’s Halloween…

RB: I love getting dressed up, honestly if I did not get in costume all year long, I would be so gung ho for getting into a costume for Halloween. But whenever there is an event or a party, it makes getting dressed up for Halloween a little less exciting, because I am always putting together a costume.

MS: Ah, show biz! (laughs)

RB: Halloween is actually my Mom’s Birthday too, so that’s kind of cool. We go crazy decorating the house. Everyone always gives her Halloween decorations for her Birthday - so we have plenty of stuff to use. (laughs)

MS: What is your favorite role in a horror movie?

RB: Definitely “I Heart U” …I co-created the story & the character, produced and starred in it, it was great being involved from the ground up a little bit more. It’s in post production and close to being finished.

MS: Can you tell us what it is about?

RB: It is a horror/romantic/dark comedy - it's about a husband and wife who live this perfect suburban dream. But they each have this secret life, they are both serial killers and neither one of them knows about the other. It mocks the “dream” and what is really going on underneath it all. I love that they are evil and yet you root for them, it’s a wicked little twist. (laughs)

MS: Hit us with your favorite horror movie.

RB: I’d have to say it’s “Carrie” that to me is classic. I love that it is female based, that is always of interest to me. Also I love that it is so psychological, you really feel for Carrie, it’s really, to me, honestly about her story more than it is about the blood, the blood is more of a symbol of what’s going on. Every time I see it, I think, ah, that is such a good movie.

MS: OK, Ms. Brown, time for your favorite horror movie villain.

RB: Ooooooooooooooh, my favorite horror movie villain, that’s a hard one….well the one that scared me the most, recently, and now it’s old is Jigsaw, from the original “Saw” movie. He scared me the most out of every villain that I have ever seen. That was part of that whole torture craze, and that dude scared hell out of me! I’m not sure if that makes him my favorite or not, but he got the job done! (laughs) I’m like Unnnnnnnnh, I don’t like that! (laughs)

MS: Getting the job done is half the battle, so do tell, for those not in the know, what’s it like being a “Scream Queen”?

RB: Well, it’s very messy! (laughs) You often spend the whole day covered in sticky, bloody goo! (laughs) I love the fun of it. It’s a great genre to be a part of, because the people who love horror, just LOVE IT! They follow it, and that’s been able to keep me working a lot. Fans go: Oh My God, let’s see what Raine’s doing. People hire me because they know people will watch it because I am in it. As you know the “Scream Queen” is only on part of what I do - I do every kind of film, theatre or character there is, just throw it at me, I love it! The horror is a large part of what I do, and the fans are great!

MS: Ever thought about cutting a single?

RB: I can sing, maybe I should.

MS: Any parting thoughts on Halloween.

RB: It used to be a Holiday for kids, but now it’s like, it’s time for grown-ups to get out and have fun, release your inner craziness! It’s the one day adults can be a total freak and show it on the outside! Also free chocolate just for ringing a door bell? I mean c’mon that’s the American way, I love chocolate!

Get down, with Raine Brown at:

Friday, October 28, 2011

WebTV: I Feel "Pretty"

I have a confession to make, I had heard of the Internet series “Pretty” for a couple of years now…I have heard how funny it is, how great the cast is and that they get high profile veteran soap opera performers, like Joan Van Ark from “Knots Landing” to guest star. I’m even on the Facebook  fan page for it, but I have never seen an episode until now…

When the invite came through to catch a screening of the season 3 premiere episode on the Warner Brother’s lot and that soap icon, Genie Francis of “General Hospital” Luke & Laura fame was the season opener’s guest star and would be in attendance for the Q&A to follow….Well, it’s about time I check this award winning comedy/soap out!

So off I went with my partner in crime for the evening and I am glad I finally caught the saga of pageant Dad Michael Champagne (Sam Pancake) and his pageant contestant Daughter Annette Champagne, named for Annette Funicello (Stacy McQueen).

The creation of writer/director Steve Silverman, “Pretty” is not to be missed.

Everything from the flawless cast to the writing, production, technical aspects….well I could go on but why bother you get the picture, I love this show!

Now that I have seen the season 3 opener, if you will excuse me, or better yet why not join me, I have 2 seasons of “Pretty” to watch before it’s Internet premiere on November 1st.

Feel “Pretty” and log onto:

Thursday, October 27, 2011

For Immediate Release: James Durbin

American Idol’s James Durbin Attracts an Army of Rock Royalty For Debut Album, Memories Of A Beautiful Disaster
First Two Singles Impact Rock and Top 40 Radio
Rocker Reveals Track Listing

October 2011 Los Angeles, CA – American Idol finalist, James Durbin, is gearing up for the release of his Wind-Up album Memories Of A Beautiful Disaster on November 21st, and is giving fans a taste of what’s to come as he reveals the track list and first two singles from the highly anticipated debut. The anthemic lead single “Stand Up” will go to rock radio and the power-charged “Love Me Bad” will go to Top 40.

Unforgettable performances on the Idol stage with legends such as Judas Priest and Zakk Wylde led Durbin’s own “Idols” to support the rocker’s first ever release. Mick Mars of Mötley Crüe, songwriters James Michael (Sixx A.M, Mötley Crüe) and Marti Frederiksen (Aerosmith, Buckcherry, Ozzy Osbourne) along with Swedish rock band Hardcore Superstar. Durbin, who co-wrote five of the albums tracks exclaimed it was “surreal” to be working with this bevy of rock royalty and recalls, “When Mick Mars started shredding on his guitar I literally lost my mind.” The long-time Mötley Crüe fan continued saying, “He’s a true rock legend and he’s playing on my record. It doesn’t get any cooler than that.” Mick Mars echoed the same fervor, “It was sick to have played on James’ debut album. To be the only featured guest artist on the record was really cool as I know a lot of others wanted to be on it. James Durbin kicks ass, he’s the real deal.”

“Stand Up” is a gleaming showcase for Durbin’s signature rock-star yowl and powerful, energetic voice and the NFL agrees. It has tapped the single as its stadium anthem for the 2011 season featuring it on jumbotrons nationwide during games this fall and are featuring it on their “Game Day” EP as the song impacts radio.

22 year-old Durbin was guided throughout the making of “Memories Of A Beautiful Disaster” by leading rock producer, Howard Benson. Benson (My Chemical Romance, Daughtry, Motorhead) gives Durbin room to evolve musically on the hard-hitting album saying the opportunity to work with Durbin was “Pretty Simple: I loved his voice. I think he has a compelling story to tell.” Benson, who kept his eye on Durbin throughout Idol thought “it was interesting that he spoke his mind and didn’t back down from who he was. That’s always a good sign.”

On American Idol, James Durbin waved the flag for rock and it was that devotion to rock that helped him overcome his private struggles with tourette’s and aspergers syndrome. He touched the hearts of people everywhere while on the show, and with the release of “Memories Of A Beautiful Disaster” he is ready to wave that flag high again.

Full track listing for Memories Of A Beautiful Disaster is:
Higher Than Heaven
All I Want
Love In Ruins
Right Behind You
Love Me Bad
Outcast – feat. Mick Mars
Everything Burns
Stand Up

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Traci Lords "Last Drag"

It has been 16 years since pop icon Traci Lords album “1000 Fires“, was released in 1995. The first single off of it, “Control”, went double platinum, climbing to #2 on the Billboard Dance Charts. It was also featured on the Mortal Combat sound track.

The album’s second track, “Fallen Angel”, was showcased in the Denzel Washington/Russell Crowe film “Virtuosity.”

Well the notorious TL returns to the dance floor with a brand new high energy single “Last Drag.” I caught up with Ms. Lords in New York, before her fitting for the grand opening of Studio 54, in New York City.
MS: Hey Traci, how are you?

TL: I’m here in New York, Sirius Radio is doing a one night thing tonight at Studio 54, to celebrate their new channel that they are launching, that is dedicated to all the music of that era. I never went to Studio 54, but of course I know about the stories, and the outrageousness that took place. So I’m pretty excited…!

MS: Well I know you have a wardrobe fitting for the big evening soon, so I have a little quickie thing I want to do with you.

TL: I beg your pardon?! You and everybody else honey! (laughs)

MS: Yeah, take a number. (laughs) I am going to give you 10 Things and you say the first thing that pops into your head.

TL: OK, This sounds dangerous….

MS: No, it’s cool.

MS: John Waters
TL: Skinny Moustaches

MS: Underneath It All
TL: Redemption

MS: Drag Queens
TL: High Hair, Aquanet

MS: Purple Room
TL: My Safe Place

MS: Marilyn Monroe
TL: A Loss

MS: Love
TL: Family, My Husband & My Little Boy

MS: Melrose Place
TL: Heather Locklear

MS: Aliens
TL: Yes

MS: Sharon Lesher
TL: Spiked Eel Gucci High Heels

MS: Last Drag
TL:I Smile..It Is Like An
Alexander McQueen
Gold Necklace. It’s
Dangerous, But It Has A
Sense Of Humor To It.

MS: Have a great time tonight, at Studio 54.

TL: Thank you, have a great day.

“I kicked that habit, when I kicked your ass out the door” - Last Drag

Check out my full interview with Traci at:

Take a "Drag" at:

Monday, October 24, 2011

Reel Life: The Summer of Massacre

Tis’ the season to scare the s@#t out of yourself! So I am happy to alert you to one of the hottest horror features out there right now: The Summer of Massacre …Yeah!

OK, so it helps that I am actually in this freaky horror opus by director and writer Joe Castro - (and yes, I can prove I am, it is on my IMDB page….

This fun/scary/diabolical horror movie has been making the rounds to film festivals all over the world and has won plenty of awards - as in best horror feature and best visuals (trust those visuals are AMAZING!)

Congrats to Joe Castro and his team, Steven Escobar and Schroeder, not to mention a great cast of characters (including me) that clearly had a blast in making this gore epic.

With a body count that would make Guinness proud, keep up with where the next film festival this massacre will be slashing it's way into and making an award killing. Be Afraid: It just may end up in a country or state near you...prepare to scream...!

Get your "Massacre" on at:!/thesummerofmassacre

Friday, October 21, 2011

Rock On: Sol 3

Sol 3 Rahwwwwwwwwwwwwks! Literally, they do every type of rock from pop to classic ...(and those in between areas, ya know what I'm sayin'? And I think you do, Oink!)

While maintaining a sound that is uniquely theirs, little Sol 3 guys.

Their latest effort "Whistling At The Northern Lights" (hey someone has to) is no exception. These guys deliver everyone's Rock-N-Roll Fantasy.....

Stand out tracks for this blogger are: "All My Enemies" "Cincinnati Bowtie Johnson" (Yes, you can tie it in a bow, especially in Cincinnati) & "Rory Borealis"

So get "Rory" I mean "Tie Your Johnson In A Bow" oh damn! "Whistle If You're Horny" -  Sorry for the turrets, whatever your bent, get yourself rockin'-n-rollin' and "Whistling At The Northern Lights" with Sol 3 - These guys are the real deal....Woot!

"Whistle" at:

Follow them at:!/SOL3Rocks

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Video: It's A "Beautiful Day" With Liana Conway

Liana Conway wants you to have a "Beautiful Day" - The "Sunrise" singer and a favorite "Entertain Me" interview subject

Wants to bring a ray of sunshine into your life with her latest single & video that will make even the cloudiest of days bubble over with a happy optimism that only Liana can provide - So check out Liana's new single & video, and have, well, a "Beautiful Day"....Enjoy !

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

On The Radio: On Air With Nesa Kovacs

Nesa Kovacs
Have U Heard Of Nesa Kovacs? She is that latest "It" Girl to hit the air waves - with her co-hosts Jonathan Brett & Ricky Randel, Nesa is one of a kind and is poised to conquer Internet talk radio...check her, don't wreck her...!

On Air with Nesa Kovacs is a one-of-a-kind hip and fresh new talk show
Jonathan Brett
that promises to keep it real as it focuses on bringing teens and young adults up close and personal with real issues of today. It will not only educate it’s young audience on culture and politics, it will also focus on style, fashion, indie music and hot off the press celebrity gossip.

The show will bring a young vibe like no other, it will shoot straight from the hip with raw talk from every angle.

On-Air with Nesa will also highlight the starving artists of the world such as actors, producers, writers, that are either unsigned or unsung. Fans will finally get to connect with the future stars of tomorrow and those that inspire them as these young artists enlighten them with their views and perceptions of life.

Ricky Randel

The show promises to bring you laughter, comedy, and lots of drama on many issues of today. The vibe is hip, young and fresh. It’s what every parent needs to know, and what every young adult needs to speak on.

Don’t miss this exciting new talk show…brought to you by one of Young Hollywood’s most popular & most controversial teen social-lites …Nesa
Get yourself some Nesa at:

Monday, October 17, 2011

10 Random Thoughts: Clea Cutthroat

Once upon a time there was a little grrrrrrrrrl named Mollie Black who grew up in that sprawling, and I do mean sprawling, suburb of Los Angeles, CA known as, the valley.

Mollie was drawn, much like Jessica Rabbit, to performing, however this is not your typical LA raised Movie Star Tale....Mollie was a goth what is a little goth chica who grew up in sunny LA to do?

Flee to Berlin, Germany, and ebmrace her darkside, of course, here to address 10 Random Thoughts from yours truly is Berlin's Queen Of The Underground Scene: Ms. Clea Cutthroat ...!

The word alone makes my mind immediately spin to Sally Bowles’s infamous emerald green finger nails. It also makes me think to all of the bad cabaret shows that I did in New York. Oh, I have some really goooooooood friends for coming to support me at whatever random, weird restaurant with the strange, no budget cabaret show I was dancing in. I guess that is why God created the 2 drink minimum. Of course, “cabaret” also makes me think to Berlin…but, I don’t go to cabarets here. Is that wrong? If so, the Pope I hear is still in Germany, so maybe he can absolve me of my sins ;)

“That gal in the dress that always says ‘yes’”,

Sometimes I fall a bit behind on TV series, being over here in Berlin, but I just recently found “The Search for the Next Elvira” while I was on my last tour. I must admit I did feel a bit ashamed that I didn’t know of it before, but I tossed that guilt into the pile of dead virgins lying at Elvira’s feet, and devoured every episode in about one night. No joke. I was totally addicted from the first second. Needless to say, the next night, my wigs were all getting ratted, sprayed and I was Elivra-fied. I think it is completely fair to say that next to Madonna, Elvira is one of my favorite female Icons.”My name’s Elvira, but you can call me ‘tonight’”.
ELVIRA!!!! Love her! But, does anyone not love her? Who better to idolize when you’re a little Goth girl growing up in the San Fernando Valley?

That word makes me happy. Yes, happy. But, it has a total positive connotation to me. When you say blood, I immediately think: life, warm, show, performance, glitter, audience, fake blood with strawberry taste….and I did it waaaaaaaaaaaaay before Lady Gaga. Love her, but the blood thang...that’s mine J.

I have no love for “emo blood”. I have absolutely no interest in blood symbolism that is overly ripe with wallowing-self-pity-emo-whining filled-self hatred- nonsense.

I use fake blood on stage, some performers use real blood. I choose fake blood because that is within my comfort zone. For whatever innate, organic reason, blood symbolizes power, overcoming obstacles, and release to me. I hate this “emo” imagery I see. (i.e. suicide razor blades, bloody suicide wounds, “misery loves company” imagery etc.) It’s bullshit and it’s counterproductive. Yes, there is no one that goes thru this life without a struggle, and yes, art is allowed to express anything it wants too…but, anything that is coming out of me, even though I use punk, fetish, contemporary, horror, or pop imagery, does not champion weakness or self pity.

Ok…whew! That was an unexpected rant, off to the next word!

HALLOWEEN! MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY! The Halloween craze has definitely picked up here in Berlin, over the last 5 years that I’ve been here- Thank God!

But I have no idea what to wear this year! AAAAHHHH!!!! I’m throwing a Halloween party this year, and the drag queen that I’m hosting the night with is going as a giant tampon…what goes with a tampon? A maxi pad?!?! No, no no….Hmmm, maybe I could go as a pregnant Beyonce?


Bring the Queen roses people! ROSES! Why would anyone ever think to bring her hydrangeas? I mean, its MADONNA…I wouldn’t bring her chrysanthemums, or daisies; you bring the woman roses or OFF WITH YOUR HEAD! Well, at least he didn’t give her sunflowers. Hell, maybe the point here is please don’t ever give ME sunflowers ;)

What can I really say about Madonna…First record that I ever owned, first tape I ever owned, (yes, I know I am dating myself here) and my ultimate female idol. I love her, she’s untouchable, and thank GOD she is so bitchy in all the right ways. She’s the Queen people, always and forever.

Home! Berlin is fate for me. I had never thought of leaving NYC, or the States for that matter…was all pure chance that I came to Berlin, and when I moved here, it was like golden dominos of fate just fell into place. Finally, I was in the right place, at the right time. I still love NYC, I still love the States, but Berlin is absolutely where I am meant to be at the moment.

But, if there is one thing I’ve learned…never say never…so, I don’t know if I’ll be in Berlin or Bali in 10 years, but I’m enjoying soaking in all the creativity that this city has to offer.
I’ll also be soaking in fake tanning bed rays soon! Its winter now and the days grow shorter by the second. That, I will never like, but if you keep busy enough it gets easier. Or, maybe in ten years I’ll have a winter house in Bali that I can escape too.

The first Lady of Media. She is a bold and dynamic artist. She has an amazing creative team around her and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t interested in watching her development over the next years, and there are not so many current pop artist that peak my interest in that way. She is clearly inspired by the underground scene and by artists before her…but, at the end of the day, aren’t we all? But, even if she is the First Lady of Pop, Madonna will always be my Queen.

More important than whatever fashion “Do” or “Don’t” Gaga is wearing at the moment, more than anything else she does, I have infinite respect for what she has done for the LBGT community. I applaud her for using her celebrity for championing the community, and bringing issues of tolerance, bullying, same sex marriage, “don’t ask don’t tell”, to the forefront of mainstream media. Hell, she’s meeting with Obama. So, even if you don’t like her current hair color, you have to give her due respect. She’s active, she’s vocal, she’s loud, and I do believe that she is sincerely passionate and invested in the fight.


I have to be honest; the only thing that comes to my head is a runny nose. So, I decided to Google the napkin and see if could learn some interesting fun facts to share.

I learned that napkins can be dated back to the Spartans, who used small pieces of dough to wipe their hands clean while eating. Interesting, huh? So, we went from dough, to a whole rainbow spectrum of paper napkin sizes, colors, and shapes.

Huh. Yeah, I could share more, but I lost interest, and I fear that you’re losing interest….so let’s keep it going ladies, shall we?
From napkins, to Justin Bieber. Well, I don’t think that the Spartans used small pieces of Justin Bieber to clean their hands…but they sure could’ve taken a cue from his manicured eyebrows. I mean, how old is he? 16? And his eyebrows are puuuurfekt. Somehow that kind of freaks me out. My second revelation about him is that he has a women’s perfume called Someday. Ick.

It all just makes me roll my eyes, gag up my vanilla latte, and toss up my hands in frustration. WHY!?! But then…I have a clear flash back. A memory that I’ve tried to delete, that I’ve tried to hide…but let’s be honest…when I was 14, I had NKOTB bed sheets. Yes, sheets. So, really…Go Justin! Cuz, if I was 14 now, I would still have Madonna posters all over my wall, and I would still be praying every night to somehow get cleavage like Elvira…and I would be rocking the Bieber manicured eyebrow.

That’s easy: punk, and, (drum roll please) BOWLING! I can talk a great game, but I am absolutely the gutter-ball-bowling-princess. Well, and if we take the word “gutter” to bowling, I gotta be sure to mention one of my favorite movies: The Big Lebowski!

And you know, I think bowling is just a nice way to wrap this all up. So, let’s all rock our Elvira wig, grab our beer with a dainty cocktail napkin, lace up our bowling shoes while Madonna’s “Holiday” is blasting over the sound system, and let’s throw some gutter balls right down that shiny lane. But, ya better beware- losing team gets sprayed down with Beiber’s Someday Eau deParfum.

Have a bloody good time and keep up with Clea at:!/cleacutthroat

*November she will be touring France with Bonaparte

*The Bonaparte Live DVD 0110111 (Quantum Physics & A Horseshoe) | The Movie - Release Date 11.11.11 Official Trailer:

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Reel Life: The Skin I Live In

OK, Alrighty, I cop to being a huge fan of Pedro Almodovar's films. That being stated this is and isn't your usual movie by this great filmmaker.

I really do not want to say too much about it, it is best experienced knowing only a crumb of knowledge here and there.

The IMDB synopsis that I quoted to my buddy who took me to a Screen Actors Guild showing of it turned out to be just the right amount of vague and intrigue:

It's so perfect it let's you know just enough to reel you in, yet gives hardly anything away, that post screening my buddy said: "When you told me what the movie was about, that didn't even begin to describe it."

He is correct in that statement. I L-O-V-E-D this film, check it out, and thanks to my buddy for taking me !

Monday, October 10, 2011

It's A Beautiful "Sunrise" With Liana Conway

One listen to Liana Conway’s smooth, irresistible, confident voice, and you will be shocked to learn that she is a mere 21 years old.

With a brash, happy confidence, the Massachusetts native’s soulful vocals brings to mind cool breezes, ocean waves hitting the shore and sunny skies. Liana’s debut full length CD is the aptly titled: SUNRISE.

Get ready to smile it’s time for my one on one with Ms. Liana Conway !

MS: Hey Liana, I was going over your bio just before you called something that I thought was really cool is one of your inspirations was a soul collection that your Dad had.

LC: Yeah, it was one of those Time/Life compilation tapes, I used to play it everywhere in my little red & yellow cassette player.

MS: Any particular favorite you had off of the compilation?

LC: I have to say there were a couple of Temptations songs that I really loved. It was the first time I had ever heard “Build Me Up Buttercup” here I am this little 3 year old bopping along to it. (laughs) There was so much great Pop/Soul music on there, I used to stand on my bed and belt it out! (laughs) I was a 3 year old, you know. (laughs)

MS: “Word Vomit” is what you called the musings in your journal that inspires your songs, which I found hilarious, you must be a fan of the movie “Mean Girls.”

LC: Yes, I have to admit I have seen it a few times. Funny you should pick up on that.

MS: That’s one of my favorite movies too, except I know you were much younger when it came out.

LC: I was in High School.

MS: Well then, you were younger. (laughs) You are only 21, that’s amazing, do you write all your own lyrics based on your “word vomit”? (laughs)

LC: (laughs) Some of them are mine, some of them are my producers and some we collaborate on. I’m always writing, first and foremost I am a songwriter. Being a performer and an artist kind of fell into my lap. I have always loved writing, when I first picked up a guitar I started writing songs, and put lyrics to music. I then ended up hooking up with my music producer via a mutual friend of the family. He heard my stuff and asked me to come out to Los Angeles and record a demo last year, that turned into an album and her I am. (laughs)

MS: How about performing?

LC: Well, I have to say now that I have started doing it, I have definitely gotten the performing bug. (laughs)

MS: I caught the video of you performing “You Baby” that’s very sunny, ever write anything dark?

LC: That’s funny, I am basically a very bubbly happy person. Everyone has that dark side and I am a very emotional person. When I was on the phone with my Mom yesterday, about my boy problems, and I just stopped and said: “Mom, I am absolutely crazy.” When I process my emotions, one minute I am flying high, the next minute I am crying in my bedroom. I recorded a lot of stuff that did not make the album, recording my first album has inspired me to write a lot more.

MS: Extrapolate.

LC: Recently I went through a break-up with someone I have know since I was 14. It was tough for the both of us, so yeah I do write some dark material, I have always been a writer, before I even picked up a guitar. Some of the past things I have written in my journal have really scared me. (laughs) I’m all over the map.

MS: Most everyone is.

LC: We’re all kind of crazy I guess. (laughs)

MS: Let’s talk your latest single “Beautiful Day” is it out yet?

LC: Yes, it is, it just got to radio and we are building it up right now, by starting the radio tour this week. It’s very exciting!

MS: How’s the video coming along, when do we get to see it?

LC: They just gave me the final cut of it, I am very excited, I watched it, like 19 times, I’m feeling very narcissistic, (laughs) it should be out in the next couple of weeks.

MS: Cool!

LC: All my friends and family are like: “We want to see it”!

MS: We do! Anyone in particular you would like to do a duet with?

LC: This is funny, I always get asked this question and there are so many people out there.

MS: Give me the name that would make you faint the most.

LC: Ryan Adams. I just want to talk with him, I would love to write with him, my feeling is he is as wired, as I am. My dream is to write with him, he is a huge inspiration to my music.
Give Liana's "Sunrise" a listen at:


Friday, October 7, 2011

TV Watch: "Revenge" Is Sweeeeet!

After what will forever be known as “The Hour Of My Life I Want Back” also known as the new “Charlie’s Angels” which I merely stated I wanted to see in the last edition of TV Watch (keep in mind I hadn’t seen it at that point).

Well I am pleased to announce that I have found my official replacement for my “True Blood” addiction - a nasty little show called: “Revenge”

Emily Thorne wants it, and grrrrrrrrrrrrrrl is going to get her some, revenge that is!

Really I can not give too many of the twist and turns of the plot away, because it would take a thesis paper to cover them all - but suffice it to say, this show fills my void and will keep me going until my beloved “True Blood” is back next summer.

Emily Van Camp (from “Brothers & Sisters“), plays, well, Emily Thorne and is perfectly cast, she has the kind of poker face and look that does not betray what lies beneath.

Madeline Stowe as her nemesis, Victoria Grayson, plays herself quite well and is one scary beotch!

However my hat goes off to Gabriel Mann as Nolan Ross, no one says smarmy sleaze bag more when the camera hits them than the Mann, Gabriel.

Quite entertaining and well thought out, if you want “Revenge” this one will give you a vicarious thrill until you can get your act together and do it yourself!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Checking In With: Jazz Chanteuse, Sandy Zacky

Sandy Zacky, her natural gift of song caught the attention of jazz man Sam Cooke, he ended up mentoring the chanteuse in the beginning of her long and varied career.

It has been 3 years since the veteran jazz performer has graced her loyal fan base with a Los Angeles club performance or a new album.

After her first disc, a collaboration with her singing partner Mike Clifford titled: “Love Is Everything” was released Ms. Zacky decided to break out with her first solo effort, the popular CD “One Olive Or Two.”

So Sandy what gives? Enquiring minds want to know what you have been up to of late? Let’s find out, shall we….

MS: Hey Sandy with a “Y” not “E” where have you been?

SZ: Hey Michael, I’ve been really busy! How are you?

MS: Good Ms. Z, we have not heard much from you of late other than your communications via your MySpace & Facebook page.

SZ: Those pages are great, I notice the profile hits, I love that people are curious and go to see who and what I am about.

MS: We the people want more music from you !

SZ: I really love singing! I was watching the “The X-Factor” the other night, no one on that show was overwhelming, there were a few really good young girl singers, there were a couple of good singers in their 40’s and a few good guy ones. But there was no one that really blew me away like, Adam Lambert, a singer of that nature. It’s a good show for exposure, but bottom line it is not about picking the best or someone older, it is a youth oriented show and business.

MS: You are doing quite well on the Reverbnation Los Angeles, Jazz Charts, your rank is 417 out of what, something like 800 plus artist, so much for ageism in the jazz world!

SZ: Considering I haven’t been doing anything of late, I am surprised. Right now I am trying to work my way out of this inertia so to speak. Music is what really brings me alive - I adore my family, you know I do, but music does something for me that nothing else can do. Music is about me, only I can produce what comes out of me. It’s a God given talent that I am very grateful for and it is no one else’s responsibility but mine.

MS: Get out there Sandy and let it loose girl !

SZ: Singing is what lights a fire in my belly and I feel if I don’t get out there again soon I am going to lose it.

MS: There is a lot of love & support out there for you.

SZ: Yes, I am grateful for everyone out there who keeps asking me when am I performing again, when am I putting out a new CD - I want to, but something has been holding me back these past 3 years, I have had plenty of opportunities and I need to start taking them. I want to get out there but I have this fear of not being as good as I was before.

MS: Don’t be afraid, that’s silly with a talent like yours.

SZ: Yeah, I know, I just sat here and sang acapella and I sounded pretty good.

MS: I’m sure it was better than that!

SZ: Thank you sweetie.

MS: You’ve covered a lot of cool songs, which song haven’t you covered that you would like to?

SZ: Wow! Yes, I covered a lot of great songs, but I would like to try covering a couple of Adele songs. Several people have told me I should cover her, she is terrific and I would like to get more contemporary.

MS: She has such a great voice.

SZ: I adore her, I have both her CD’s, what an amazing singer.

MS: Well Sandy with a “Y” it’s time, you are ready to get out there and wow us some more with your God given talent!

SZ: You have my word, I am planning on it!

Check in with Sandy often, because she is busy! At:

Monday, October 3, 2011

Gossip: "Hung" Star Thomas Jane Admits: I Was A Gay Hooker

While watching "Hung" with my friends, I kept telling them: Thomas Jane was a gay hooker in real life!

They all looked at me like I was lying or telling a tall tale, really?!

Mr. Jane came out with what I knew was the truth, I give him props for doing so....

Congrats to you Mr. Hung, now you own it - check out the link below.