Monday, October 3, 2011

Gossip: "Hung" Star Thomas Jane Admits: I Was A Gay Hooker

While watching "Hung" with my friends, I kept telling them: Thomas Jane was a gay hooker in real life!

They all looked at me like I was lying or telling a tall tale, really?!

Mr. Jane came out with what I knew was the truth, I give him props for doing so....

Congrats to you Mr. Hung, now you own it - check out the link below.

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  1. Yeah, I heard this too but thought he was disingenuous. The reason being is that he claimed that he "chose to be straight"So, maybe he was curious, horny or just plain greedy, but I call bullshit on being gay. That's like people who eat chicken and call themselves vegetarians because it's not red meat.