Wednesday, October 19, 2011

On The Radio: On Air With Nesa Kovacs

Nesa Kovacs
Have U Heard Of Nesa Kovacs? She is that latest "It" Girl to hit the air waves - with her co-hosts Jonathan Brett & Ricky Randel, Nesa is one of a kind and is poised to conquer Internet talk radio...check her, don't wreck her...!

On Air with Nesa Kovacs is a one-of-a-kind hip and fresh new talk show
Jonathan Brett
that promises to keep it real as it focuses on bringing teens and young adults up close and personal with real issues of today. It will not only educate it’s young audience on culture and politics, it will also focus on style, fashion, indie music and hot off the press celebrity gossip.

The show will bring a young vibe like no other, it will shoot straight from the hip with raw talk from every angle.

On-Air with Nesa will also highlight the starving artists of the world such as actors, producers, writers, that are either unsigned or unsung. Fans will finally get to connect with the future stars of tomorrow and those that inspire them as these young artists enlighten them with their views and perceptions of life.

Ricky Randel

The show promises to bring you laughter, comedy, and lots of drama on many issues of today. The vibe is hip, young and fresh. It’s what every parent needs to know, and what every young adult needs to speak on.

Don’t miss this exciting new talk show…brought to you by one of Young Hollywood’s most popular & most controversial teen social-lites …Nesa
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