Monday, October 24, 2011

Reel Life: The Summer of Massacre

Tis’ the season to scare the s@#t out of yourself! So I am happy to alert you to one of the hottest horror features out there right now: The Summer of Massacre …Yeah!

OK, so it helps that I am actually in this freaky horror opus by director and writer Joe Castro - (and yes, I can prove I am, it is on my IMDB page….

This fun/scary/diabolical horror movie has been making the rounds to film festivals all over the world and has won plenty of awards - as in best horror feature and best visuals (trust those visuals are AMAZING!)

Congrats to Joe Castro and his team, Steven Escobar and Schroeder, not to mention a great cast of characters (including me) that clearly had a blast in making this gore epic.

With a body count that would make Guinness proud, keep up with where the next film festival this massacre will be slashing it's way into and making an award killing. Be Afraid: It just may end up in a country or state near you...prepare to scream...!

Get your "Massacre" on at:!/thesummerofmassacre

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