Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick Or Treat: It's "Scream Queen" Raine Brown

Actress Raine Brown has done it all from drama to comedy, stage to film…

That being said, Raine is best known as one of the premiere indie horror actresses around. A “Scream Queen” if you will who has legions of followers and lights up any movie she appears in such as “100 Tears” for which she won best supporting actress at the 2008 Tabloid Witch Awards, “Barricade” & “Brain Cell.”

She also hosted “New York's Village Halloween Parade 2005” - Trick or treat, guess whose knocking at your door for Halloween…?

MS: Hey Raine..Boo! How are you? film anything that is going to make us scream this year?

RB: I’m doing great, I have done a couple of horror films and I am actually in the middle of shooting a comedy right now.

MS: Awesome!

RB: Yeah, it’s really cool, a different change of pace.

MS: So Raine, shall we get spooky? It’s Halloween…

RB: I love getting dressed up, honestly if I did not get in costume all year long, I would be so gung ho for getting into a costume for Halloween. But whenever there is an event or a party, it makes getting dressed up for Halloween a little less exciting, because I am always putting together a costume.

MS: Ah, show biz! (laughs)

RB: Halloween is actually my Mom’s Birthday too, so that’s kind of cool. We go crazy decorating the house. Everyone always gives her Halloween decorations for her Birthday - so we have plenty of stuff to use. (laughs)

MS: What is your favorite role in a horror movie?

RB: Definitely “I Heart U” …I co-created the story & the character, produced and starred in it, it was great being involved from the ground up a little bit more. It’s in post production and close to being finished.

MS: Can you tell us what it is about?

RB: It is a horror/romantic/dark comedy - it's about a husband and wife who live this perfect suburban dream. But they each have this secret life, they are both serial killers and neither one of them knows about the other. It mocks the “dream” and what is really going on underneath it all. I love that they are evil and yet you root for them, it’s a wicked little twist. (laughs)

MS: Hit us with your favorite horror movie.

RB: I’d have to say it’s “Carrie” that to me is classic. I love that it is female based, that is always of interest to me. Also I love that it is so psychological, you really feel for Carrie, it’s really, to me, honestly about her story more than it is about the blood, the blood is more of a symbol of what’s going on. Every time I see it, I think, ah, that is such a good movie.

MS: OK, Ms. Brown, time for your favorite horror movie villain.

RB: Ooooooooooooooh, my favorite horror movie villain, that’s a hard one….well the one that scared me the most, recently, and now it’s old is Jigsaw, from the original “Saw” movie. He scared me the most out of every villain that I have ever seen. That was part of that whole torture craze, and that dude scared hell out of me! I’m not sure if that makes him my favorite or not, but he got the job done! (laughs) I’m like Unnnnnnnnh, I don’t like that! (laughs)

MS: Getting the job done is half the battle, so do tell, for those not in the know, what’s it like being a “Scream Queen”?

RB: Well, it’s very messy! (laughs) You often spend the whole day covered in sticky, bloody goo! (laughs) I love the fun of it. It’s a great genre to be a part of, because the people who love horror, just LOVE IT! They follow it, and that’s been able to keep me working a lot. Fans go: Oh My God, let’s see what Raine’s doing. People hire me because they know people will watch it because I am in it. As you know the “Scream Queen” is only on part of what I do - I do every kind of film, theatre or character there is, just throw it at me, I love it! The horror is a large part of what I do, and the fans are great!

MS: Ever thought about cutting a single?

RB: I can sing, maybe I should.

MS: Any parting thoughts on Halloween.

RB: It used to be a Holiday for kids, but now it’s like, it’s time for grown-ups to get out and have fun, release your inner craziness! It’s the one day adults can be a total freak and show it on the outside! Also free chocolate just for ringing a door bell? I mean c’mon that’s the American way, I love chocolate!

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