Friday, October 7, 2011

TV Watch: "Revenge" Is Sweeeeet!

After what will forever be known as “The Hour Of My Life I Want Back” also known as the new “Charlie’s Angels” which I merely stated I wanted to see in the last edition of TV Watch (keep in mind I hadn’t seen it at that point).

Well I am pleased to announce that I have found my official replacement for my “True Blood” addiction - a nasty little show called: “Revenge”

Emily Thorne wants it, and grrrrrrrrrrrrrrl is going to get her some, revenge that is!

Really I can not give too many of the twist and turns of the plot away, because it would take a thesis paper to cover them all - but suffice it to say, this show fills my void and will keep me going until my beloved “True Blood” is back next summer.

Emily Van Camp (from “Brothers & Sisters“), plays, well, Emily Thorne and is perfectly cast, she has the kind of poker face and look that does not betray what lies beneath.

Madeline Stowe as her nemesis, Victoria Grayson, plays herself quite well and is one scary beotch!

However my hat goes off to Gabriel Mann as Nolan Ross, no one says smarmy sleaze bag more when the camera hits them than the Mann, Gabriel.

Quite entertaining and well thought out, if you want “Revenge” this one will give you a vicarious thrill until you can get your act together and do it yourself!

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