Friday, October 28, 2011

WebTV: I Feel "Pretty"

I have a confession to make, I had heard of the Internet series “Pretty” for a couple of years now…I have heard how funny it is, how great the cast is and that they get high profile veteran soap opera performers, like Joan Van Ark from “Knots Landing” to guest star. I’m even on the Facebook  fan page for it, but I have never seen an episode until now…

When the invite came through to catch a screening of the season 3 premiere episode on the Warner Brother’s lot and that soap icon, Genie Francis of “General Hospital” Luke & Laura fame was the season opener’s guest star and would be in attendance for the Q&A to follow….Well, it’s about time I check this award winning comedy/soap out!

So off I went with my partner in crime for the evening and I am glad I finally caught the saga of pageant Dad Michael Champagne (Sam Pancake) and his pageant contestant Daughter Annette Champagne, named for Annette Funicello (Stacy McQueen).

The creation of writer/director Steve Silverman, “Pretty” is not to be missed.

Everything from the flawless cast to the writing, production, technical aspects….well I could go on but why bother you get the picture, I love this show!

Now that I have seen the season 3 opener, if you will excuse me, or better yet why not join me, I have 2 seasons of “Pretty” to watch before it’s Internet premiere on November 1st.

Feel “Pretty” and log onto:

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  1. Thank you, Michael! You're pretty.
    xo "Royce"
    Michael Taylor Gray