Tuesday, November 29, 2011

10 Stupid Questions: Snow White & The 7 Slutz

They're here their slutz, get used to it! Snow White & The 7 Slutz are here to punk your world....
With their many Los Angeles gigs, not to mention charity work & an EP "Creedence Clearwater Revival" thrown down, what time is it? It's time to get slutzy!

MS: High Ho, High Ho, it’s off to?

7S: Amsterdam where they get sleazy b!tches

MS: Breezy or sleazy?

7S: Well you see, there’s a lot of existential creativity that spills out of our organs every time we are together. Its flows and flows, wherever the wind goes, so go our organs. Eastern European anteaters, why not?

MS: Who won the war?

7S: Whatever beezy got the sleaziest because all life is, is doing drugs and dying.

MS: Really? Why do you think that is?

7S: Because the government is raising gas prices. I’ve been seeing a lot of raccoons lately…I think it’s the government.

MS: Can you name all 7 slutz?

7S: Sleazy, beezy, stanky, skanky, drrrrrty, breezy, Rebecca

MS: How many times have you seen a pretty girl?

7S: The world is a vampire

MS: Did you know “Adelaide” on “American Horror Story” wanted to be a “pretty girl” on the Halloween episode?

7S: No.

MS: How many times a week are you guys drunk?


MS: What is your favorite type of booze?

7S: Mojitos.

MS: Your thoughts on why the red, red robin keeps, bob, bob, bobbing along?

7S: Yum, Red Robin, Yum. And also the fact that he comes from the land of booberdoop and there they passed a law where you need to be bobbing at all times! If you are not bobbing and you are caught, you will be shlooped up and thrown in jail. In jail is where they keep the loodleloppers. They are the CRAYZIES. I tell ya, they are CRAZAAY! But that’s besides the point. Anyway, so in jail if you are caught not bobbing, you become part of the group of perdoodles. Those are the really mean ones, they eat all the other creatures brains with a cup of milk and a banana every morning. Evil I say, THEY ARE THE KOOL KIDS, with a K. But only in jail. And you don’t want to go there in the first place, ESPECIALLY not in the land of booberdoop. So that is why red robin keeps bob bob bobbing along.

Get slutzy at: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Snow-White-the-7-Slutz/166554000085838 &

Monday, November 28, 2011

Reel Life: The Muppets

"It's time to play the music...It's time to light the lights...It's time to meet the Muppets on the Muppet Show tonight..."

Sound Familiar? Well if it does you are no doubt one of those people, like me, who grew up with "The Muppet Show."

Well last night, I trekked to The Grove in Los Angeles (luckily we can walk there from my friends place, the parking is more "Nightmare on Elm Street" than the smile on my face The Muppets bring) ... and got my Muppet freak on..!

I L-O-V-E-D this movie and since I am not in the habbit of giving reviews (leave that to others I say) as a fan it was great and a return to form for our band of the hand.

From the deliberately corny musical numbers, wink and nudge sense of humor, the movie is so much fun I forgot all my troubles and got happy....Hey those slick Muppets even went Meta on the audience at points in the film, a term I was just introduced to last night, it means breaking the 4th wall and addressing the audience (in my day as a drama student, we just called it breaking the 4th wall).

Most importantly "The Muppets" has heart and that is something sorely lacking in most movies today.

Also I would love to give a special shout out to Amy Adams and Jason Segel - two of the best comedic actors working, and an extra nod to Jason for the clever script and concept that brought The Muppets of my childhood back to me at a time when I needed to feel warm and felty.

So ditch that awful "Twilight" series and saunter to a theatre and see "The Muppets" - you owe it to yourself to smile!

"Why are there so many songs about rainbows..."


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Teen Idol, Mike Clifford "I'm Not Dead Yet"

Teen Idol Mike Clifford wants you to know "I'm Not Dead Yet"! It's his new slogan, many people prior to his recent resurgence as an artist thought he was....!

Well unless he is "The Walking Dead" it would seem the former teen dream who had a hit world wide with his single "Close to Cathy" is very much alive, kicking and getting back to business.

Clifford recently came out with a maturity that he did not demonstrate in his younger years on a groovy cover of "Mack the Knife" that would do Bobby Darin proud. He also has a YouTube video for the Holidays, a live version of: "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas".

Do you need further proof Mr. Clifford is not "dead yet?" Well check out the interview I did with him this year about "Mack The Knife":


Now do you believe me?! Remember teen idols never die, they simply get recycled, go green!

Get "close" to Mike and follow him at: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Mike-Clifford-Close-to-Cathy/432999335318

Download "Mack The Knife" at iTunes or CD Baby

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

WebTV: Heeee's Baaack, "Mr. Meatballs" Season 2

"Mr. Meatballs" Jonathan Brett
 Mr. Meatballs (Jonathan Brett) is back for season 2 of humor, commentary, and all around silliness, hey he and Life (Peter Corrigan) are here for your entertainment people...!

I must say I did have a blast last season when I was a guest star on not one, but two episodes:

"My Musical Meatballs" & "Masterpeace Theatre Part III" can I get a "Hey now" ?!

With more pop culture references than TMZ and off the wall humor than a Walmart, that's the place where they sell wall jokes...

Get yourself a pair, and take a bite of Mr. Meatballs ! Be carfeul though he might bite back...!

Season 2 Premiere Episode:

Get your fill of "Meatballs"with all the episodes at:

Monday, November 21, 2011

Video: Margaret Cho - "Baby I'm With The Band"

Photo Credit: Austin Young

The videos just keep coming from Ms. Cho's Grammy nominated CD "Cho Dependent."

Her latest, "Baby I'm With The Band" was filmed at the Bonnaroo Music Festival & directed by Liam Sullivan (Yes, that's right, "Kelly" of "Shoes" fame) it features a number of cool Bonnaroo-ites such as: Conan O'Brien, Reggie Watts, Doug Benson, The Flaming Lips, Weezer, OK Go, The Gossip, The Punch Brothers, and GWAR - among others...do I hear a woot ?!

With tongue in cheek and a wink and nudge to the Pamela Des Barres groupie bio, "I'm With The Band."

Margaret's latest video raaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhwwwwwwwwwwks!

Time to get with the band at: http://vimeo.com/32143561

Get your "Cho On" at: http://www.margaretcho.com/

Friday, November 18, 2011

Checking In With: Filmmaker, Liz Adams

Director-Writer Liz Adams made a diabolical little horror short titled: “Side Effect.” It made a killing (pun intended) on the festival circuit picking up many awards. “Side Effect” was in fact the opening scene for her full length, equally diabolical feature script “Blood Level.”

Ms. Adams recently wrapped production on her first feature as a Director-Writer on “Air Collision” for The Asylum…Congratulations Liz!

MS: Hey Liz congrats on recently wrapping and being in post-production on your feature debut “Air Collision.”

LA: Well I am making it for The Asylum, are you familiar with them?

MS: Yes, a friend of mine just starred in a film for them called “Celebrity Sex Tape.”

LA: Oh yeah, I knew about that, that’s right. So you know all about them they make like, 12-15 movies a year. They are basically genre films, they do action, horror and of course sex comedies. Their biggest hit is “Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus.”

MS: That’s the one with Deborah Gibson and Lorenzo Llamas!

LA: Yeah, they are really great people! It’s a lot of fun working there.

MS: Sounds fun!

LA: It is, the initial cut ended up being 82 minutes, but it seems the SyFy Network is interested in it. They need a 90 minute cut, I was working on that this morning before your call, I am writing up another 10 to 12 pages for the Producers and it looks like we are doing some re-shoots too.

MS: Can you tell everyone the storyline?
Liz & "Air Collision" star, Jordan Ladd

LA: There is a solar flare that screws up some computers and Air Force One and a civilian plane get locked onto each other in a collision course.

MS: That sounds better than the actual “Air Force One” movie.

LA: (laughs) It’s pretty wacky, there’s a lot of crazy stuff going on. Plus there is a lot of stuff going on with air traffic control trying to save the day.

MS: Dish on an on set experience.

LA: Well air force one fires this missile at the civilian plane & the missile penetrates the hull, so we got this huge fan, we called it “Katrina” because it blows hurricane force winds (both laugh). We blew it at the extras, it was really good fun!

MS: The Asylum sounds like the new Roger Corman factory.

LA: Yes, and I think one of the partners may be a Roger Corman protogee’ actually. It’s definitely in that tradition.

MS: I love that you don’t take yourself seriously.

LA: Not at all, I do genre movies, they should be fun!

Liz & Crew with "Katrina"

MS: Totally, you directed the horror short “Side Effect” at AFI (American Film Institute).

LA: I was the first horror movie to come out of the DWW (Directing Workshop for Women)  program there. It’s a 34 year old program so it was an accomplishment.

MS: That is an accomplishment. So how’s your feature script for “Blood Level” coming along?

LA: Still working on it, I am working with a producer right now, she’s looking for money, and we are trying to get a cast attached. It’s a tricky process.

MS: Keep me posted on “Blood Level” now that I’ve got some horror cred with my role in “The Summer Of Massacre” I would love to play a faculty member in it.

LA: Oh, that would be so fun! It's out there, and I definitely have a lot of interest in it.

Have a "collision" with Liz at:  www.sideeffectthemovie.net

Check into The Asylum at: http://www.theasylum.cc/

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Video: Traci Lords Is A "Drag"

Whose the coolest chica on the dance floor right now? Traci Lords, of course, her current single "Last Drag" is currently laying it's pimp hand down and claiming its status as the dance/pop hit of 2011.

Remember my 10 Random Things blog with her? Well I also did an awesome (according to Traci herself) full length interview with her too for http://www.choruandverse.com/, if you haven't read it yet, well here it is get to it!


In the meantime enjoy the video for the hottest dance single around, directed by  "9 1/2 Weeks" bad boy Zalman King.

Get your "Drag" on at:


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

James Durbin's "Rock-N-Roll Fantasy"

James Durbin & Nikki Sixx

American Idol finalist, James Durbin, is gearing up for the release of his album “Memories Of A Beautiful Disaster” on November 21st, and is giving fans a taste of what’s to come as he reveals his first two singles from the highly anticipated debut. The anthemic lead single “Stand Up” will go to rock radio and the power-charged “Love Me Bad” will hit the Top 40.

James is living out his dreams, I caught up with him to speak of his fantasies, his rock-n-roll fantasies…

MS: Hey James, it’s amazing you are living your dreams right now, but every performer is always setting the bar higher for themselves, so let’s talk about some of your Rock-N-Roll fantasies.

JD: Sounds good!

MS: What band in your wildest dreams would you front if you could?

JD: This is going to sound cheesy, but I have always wanted to create my own destiny. I never wanted to try and rehash someone else’s old dream. So I am going to say, my band.

MS: Awesome! So who would you most like to write a song for you?

JD: Jared Leto. “30 Seconds to Mars” is my favorite American band in the last 10 years.

MS: Name the person you would most like to duet with.

JD: Again, Jared Leto, or Steven Tyler.

MS: Pick the venue you would most like to headline.

JD: The Rock Am Ring Festival in Europe. I watch videos of bands performing on those stages over and over, and the view from those stages is just great!

MS: Which magazine cover would you most like to appear on?

JD: Obviously, “Rolling Stone.” (laughs) It’s the cream of the crop.

MS: Tell us which song you would like to cover as a single.

JD: “Rainbow in the Dark” by Dio. It’s a song I used to sing in karaoke all the time, I would have everyone on their feet like it was a freakin’ rock show!

MS: What would you like your musical legacy to be?

JD: All I have ever wanted was to be a working musician. To be able to support myself and support my family. Because of the awesome opportunity on “American Idol” I have gotten a lot more than that. I’m taking it one step at a time.
Follow James on Twitter and Facebook here:

Monday, November 14, 2011

2012: It's The End Of The World, Prepare Yourself With The Chippendales Calendar!

2012: rumor has it, its the year the world ends, hey these things have been way off before, remember "The Rapture" was supposed to happen recently - yaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn... so why not click your heels together 3 times and say: 2012 is going to rock! 2012 is going to rock..???

2012 is the time to get your Chippendales on...their calendar features such diverse guys as: Kenny King (Pro Wrestler) & Jaymes Vaughn (Lead Singer & Musician).

This venerable all male dance troupe will be also be celebrating 30 years since their debut &  the
10th anniversary of their show "Six Packs" in Las Vega$ as well, does this really sound like the end?!

Talk about a legacy of stamina...!

2012: It's not the end of the world, only the beginning, celebrate it with the men of Chippendales at:


Friday, November 11, 2011

The Arts: NoHo Arts Festival


Saturday, November 12 (12-8PM)

Is the celebration of the NoHo Arts District. Maybe they should call it NoHo Day? Either way it's going to be a party, oh yeah !

NoHo is going to open it's doors so L.A. can experience the talent, art, uniqueness, kookiness and just plain grooviness of the NoHo Arts District...their booming one-mile neighborhood in the North Hollywood, CA area of Los Angeles.

Well this NoHo is going to be there for the sole reason to attend a performance of A.R. Gurney's "Love Letters" starring Jonathan Brett & Yvette Green.


NoHo Stages - 4934 Lankershim Blvd.

Time: 2:00
Show Title: LOVE LETTERS by A.R. Gurney
Synopsis: World renowned, Pulitzer Prize winner two character play which covers the lifetimes of two friends born in the 1930’s who comnmunicate throughout their lives using the lost art of letter writing.
Rating: PG

Best of all? The festival is freeeeeeeeeeee....! See you there !

Get Your Festival On At:  http://www.nohoartsdistrict.com/

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Video: Kate Bush "Wild Man"

OK, this is not an official video, it was fan made and Kate's label approved it, thus, I am a fan so I am posting it. R U following me so far? Yeah? Awesome..!

Harkening back to my love of Kate is not hard to trace. I was in a drama group in college and was at a party for said group cut to, prententious class actress with bleached blonde hair and black lipstick and goth make-up, she takes a drag off of her cigarette: "Michael, have you ever heard of Kate Bush"? Me: "Uh, no."

Dragging dramatically again: "I think you would like her, you should really give her a listen". Well, pretentious drama classmate, thanks! I did listen and I liked her, make that love her, and I still do to this day! I can't wait for her "50 Words For Snow" album to drop on November 21st....in the meantime, here is the fan video for the first single "Wild Man"....

Get yourself some Kate at: http://www.katebush.com/

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

10 Stupid Questions With: Matthew Duffy

 In anticipation of his upcoming EP, "Spunk Pumpers Unite" (to be released February 2012), Matthew Duffy wants to introduce you to his latest single, "Homosapien," which is a cover of the Pete Shelley (Buzzcocks) song from 1981. Matthew also covers (not in the literal sense) "Angel, Angel Down We Go Together" from Morrissey which he recorded as a tribute to the LGBT community. "The increasing bullying, suicides, & isolation of our community makes me so upset and frustrated and when I was growing up this song gave me confidence to never give up" Duffy states. Very well put. OK, Matthew time to get stupid....

MS: Why should Spunk pumpers unite?

MD: To save the world from misery by delivering muscles and magic to the people of earth.

MS: Are you in love with Morrisey?

MD: I really just want to make out with him while simultaneously stroking his pompadour

MS: Girl in a Coma is, do you know who they are?

MD: No but my sources tell me it's really serious.

MS: What song gives you confidence?

MD: "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor

MS: Do you consider yourself a homosapien, too?

MD: I am indeed homo erectus and homosapien, like you.

MS: Define Buzzcock?

MD: Drunk dancing at the east village watering hole.

MS: Is that something you do regularly?

MD: Yes! At least once a day & twice on Sunday.

MS: Peanut Butter & Jelly, or another combo?

MD: Peanut Butter, Thick Cut Bacon, Banana, & Honey.

MS: Because the wind is high it blows your….?

MD: Beef curtains open

MS: WTF, does Matthew Duffy think he is?

MD: He is SPUNKY. Enjoys getting DRUNKY. And he likes Ryan Gosling cause he be HUNKY. 

Get Spunky & Drunky with Matthew at:



Sunday, November 6, 2011

TV Watch: American Horror Story

Seen any good horror movies lately? I thought not, that’s because the best thing going horror wise is on FX….

“American Horror Story” rocks! It’s everything that you want your horror to be, edgy, nasty, creepy & best of all politically incorrect.

Two time Oscar Winner Jessica Lange, (one of my favorites) looks like she is having a blast, chewing the scenery as “Constance.” - with her daughter, "Adelaide" played by Jamie Brewer.

Their relationship is very “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane” slash Piper Laurie & Sissy Spacek from “Carrie.”

Being a total horror geek I can completely appreciate these references shed in a new light and there are many other horror flick wink & nudges in this frightfest. It is obvious that it's creators, two guys who did one of my favorite shows ever “Nip/Tuck” Ryan Murphy & Brad Falchuck, are huge horror geeks too.

The main victims, uh, family that moves into this infamous “murder house” are headed by Connie Britton, Dylan McDermott & Taissa Farmiga as the Harmon’s. The Harmon’s are a really dysfunctional lot, and that is the charm of them too, and why the “murder house” draws them in and owns them, nobody puts the “murder house” in a corner!

With so many juicy horror elements thrown in, and Zachary Quinto recently guest starring as one half of the previous 2010 couple who owned the house, hey the Harmon’s are so 2011, so, if you are true horror fan why aren’t you watching, freak?!

Really I do not want to give too much away if you have not seen it . There is one secret I could spill, perhaps…Dylan McDermott is one of the coolest guys I have ever met, oh, and beware of men in rubber suits…

“Take a look at yourself”!


Friday, November 4, 2011

Checking In With: Matt Zarley

Singer, Matt Zarley has released his follow up CD to “Here I Am’ the title of the CD?

“Change Begins With Me” has already yielded the hit dance single “WTF”

Matt is a guy on the go, let’s check in with him and see “WTF” is happening….
MS: Hey Matt, wanted to check in with you, Loving the theme of your new CD “Change Begins With Me.”

MZ: The CD is the result of a really tough break-up I went through years ago. We were together 4 years. I sort of did the album as a way to heal. “Forgive Me For Not Forgiving You” is the first song on the album that I wrote about that relationship. I’ve learned through this whole process that you can’t expect other people to change, you have to make that happen for yourself. It’s human nature to play the blame game, when you’re hurt. The person I was with is a terrific person, we just weren’t terrific together.

MS: How does the song “WTF” fit into this scenario?

MZ: That song was written about somebody I had a quickie romance with last year. The situation was profound only in the sense that I didn’t think I was ready to fall in love with somebody. It awakened me to the fact that I was ready, even though it was hurtful it served a great purpose in the end.

MS: When I was reading the press release I went: Wow, this CD is something everyone can relate to.

MZ: Well good, I am glad.

Get more Matt at: http://www.mattzarley.com/

Also if you are in Los Angeles on Tuesday November 8th check out the information for the event Matt is involved in at the top of this page and get to it!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Video: Margaret Cho Is "Asian Adjacent"

Margaret Cho & Michael Shinafelt

Hey Peeps, check out one of my fave performers & interview subjects latest video from her CD "Cho Dependent".....

Margaret Cho is proud to release her latest video from her Grammy nominated "Cho Dependent" CD release. “Asian Adjacent,” which appears on Cho Dependent, her musical comedy album she released last year, wherein she collaborated with the musical minds of Fiona Apple, Brendan Benson Tegan and Sara and many more. For “Asian Adjacent,” she teamed up with singer-songwriter Grant Lee Phillips; and the dude also appears in the video– beautifully directed by Tani Ikeda.

Laughspin says: Margaret Cho is more than a comedian. She’s a force. She proves it time and time again. With each live performance, with each album release, television role and video, she keeps pushing the boundaries of what is considered mainstream entertainment

I agree...!

Click here to watch "Asian Adjacent": http://vimeo.com/31270345

Get more Cho at: