Friday, November 4, 2011

Checking In With: Matt Zarley

Singer, Matt Zarley has released his follow up CD to “Here I Am’ the title of the CD?

“Change Begins With Me” has already yielded the hit dance single “WTF”

Matt is a guy on the go, let’s check in with him and see “WTF” is happening….
MS: Hey Matt, wanted to check in with you, Loving the theme of your new CD “Change Begins With Me.”

MZ: The CD is the result of a really tough break-up I went through years ago. We were together 4 years. I sort of did the album as a way to heal. “Forgive Me For Not Forgiving You” is the first song on the album that I wrote about that relationship. I’ve learned through this whole process that you can’t expect other people to change, you have to make that happen for yourself. It’s human nature to play the blame game, when you’re hurt. The person I was with is a terrific person, we just weren’t terrific together.

MS: How does the song “WTF” fit into this scenario?

MZ: That song was written about somebody I had a quickie romance with last year. The situation was profound only in the sense that I didn’t think I was ready to fall in love with somebody. It awakened me to the fact that I was ready, even though it was hurtful it served a great purpose in the end.

MS: When I was reading the press release I went: Wow, this CD is something everyone can relate to.

MZ: Well good, I am glad.

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Also if you are in Los Angeles on Tuesday November 8th check out the information for the event Matt is involved in at the top of this page and get to it!

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