Sunday, November 6, 2011

TV Watch: American Horror Story

Seen any good horror movies lately? I thought not, that’s because the best thing going horror wise is on FX….

“American Horror Story” rocks! It’s everything that you want your horror to be, edgy, nasty, creepy & best of all politically incorrect.

Two time Oscar Winner Jessica Lange, (one of my favorites) looks like she is having a blast, chewing the scenery as “Constance.” - with her daughter, "Adelaide" played by Jamie Brewer.

Their relationship is very “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane” slash Piper Laurie & Sissy Spacek from “Carrie.”

Being a total horror geek I can completely appreciate these references shed in a new light and there are many other horror flick wink & nudges in this frightfest. It is obvious that it's creators, two guys who did one of my favorite shows ever “Nip/Tuck” Ryan Murphy & Brad Falchuck, are huge horror geeks too.

The main victims, uh, family that moves into this infamous “murder house” are headed by Connie Britton, Dylan McDermott & Taissa Farmiga as the Harmon’s. The Harmon’s are a really dysfunctional lot, and that is the charm of them too, and why the “murder house” draws them in and owns them, nobody puts the “murder house” in a corner!

With so many juicy horror elements thrown in, and Zachary Quinto recently guest starring as one half of the previous 2010 couple who owned the house, hey the Harmon’s are so 2011, so, if you are true horror fan why aren’t you watching, freak?!

Really I do not want to give too much away if you have not seen it . There is one secret I could spill, perhaps…Dylan McDermott is one of the coolest guys I have ever met, oh, and beware of men in rubber suits…

“Take a look at yourself”!

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