Monday, December 5, 2011

10 Random Thoughts: Moses

With his new album “Predictions”, Moses takes listeners on a sonic journey into the mind of an adventurous young man not afraid to turn the conventional on its booty. His aim? To push buttons and change minds.

"I'm Your Man", featuring XELLE, is the first single off the album. Its dirty synth sound, heavy beat, and Moses's unique voice make "I'm Your Man" a check it don't wreck it listen. Time to get random with Moses ...!

MS: Hey Moses, how are you?

Moses: I’m good, how are you?

MS: I’m fine.

Moses: Are you in Los Angeles?

MS: You got it…shall we get random?

Moses: Let’s go..!

MS: Cross Dressing

Moses: I love cross dressing. Everyone cross dresses in one way or another. A mailman in my eyes is a cross dresser, everything in life is about cross dressing.

MS: Men

Moses: Men in general are something that we see in different variations. Men are masculine, some more on the interior and others more on the surface. What makes a man a man to me is if you do something you really love to do.

MS: Archangel

Moses: Being and looking as pure as you can and then being able to go to the other side and become a dark angel.

MS: Depeche Mode

Moses: That’s a band that I have so much respect for. I adore them and I grew up listening to them. They are an inspiration to my art.

MS: Tel Aviv

Moses: It’s a beautiful place that I grew up in.

MS: Xelle

Moses: They’re great! One of the band members is Mimi Imfurst who was featured in RuPaul’s Drag Race. I love working with them, I call them my girls. They are very fearless I need people like that around me, because I am.

MS: Unicorns

Moses: I love unicorns! It’s a fantasy, everything should be like a unicorn. Unicorn is a state of mind.

MS: “I’m Your Man”

Moses: “I’m Your Man” is who I am. It is my first exposure to the world, it introduces me. It says this is who I am, this is how I look and this is how I sound…take it or leave it.

MS: The 10 Commandments

Moses: Oh, the first one is: Thou Shall Not Stop Dancing (laughs)…I always say I have 11 commandments, because there are 11 tracks on my album. Having my own set of commandments is a lot more fun!

MS: “Predictions”

Moses: My prediction for my future is to continue making and performing music. The biggest prediction I have is I am going to perform at Madison Square Garden!

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