Friday, December 9, 2011

Rock On: Theory of a Deadman

 Honesty is always the best policy. Theory of a Deadman adheres to that age old adage on their fourth album, “The Truth Is“…exactly what people need right now.

So let's get what “The Truth Is” straight from the man who wrote the songs, “Theory” front man Tyler Connolly…!

MS: Hey Tyler, tell the truth, you stated that the “The Truth Is” is a shared experience with your audience, in what way?

TC: I like to write from a fans perspective, whatever topics they are talking about, so…It’s one of the biggest compliments you can get, when a lot of fans relate to the songs and think it’s about them.

MS: Do tell...

TC: So, the truth on this record is, I went one step further and became outright with my lyrics. They are not so generalized, or vague. They may be a little over the top and stuff, tell people the truth, ya know? The album is like saying to someone: “You have a mole on your face and it’s so huge.”

MS: When I was listening to it I thought “There’s no room for interpretation here.”

TC: Yeah, the songs are about love or hate, nothing in between which is exactly what I think needs to be done right now, people are so afraid of it these days. The last label we had we had to fight them to put the album out because we had so many “F-bombs” on the record. We said “There are F-bombs” on the record because that’s how people talk, it’s not offensive.

MS: Hey, I talk like that around my good friends. BTW - I bet you have heard of the song, “The Cat Came Back.”

TC: Nooooo! Yes, of course….(laughs)

MS: The minute I heard your song “The Bitch Came Back” I went “oh they know that song.”

TC: Everybody comes up and whispers to me “Dude, I know about “The Cat Came Back”…It’s not like I stole the song so I was like, “Dude, yeah” the songs are very similar, but different.

Can you handle the truth? Get yourself a copy of “The Truth Is” and see what other theories these deadmen have at:

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