Friday, December 16, 2011

TV Watch: True Blood Season 5

It has been officially confirmed, after an initial press leak,  that Christopher Meloni, formerly of "Law & Order SVU" (Special Victims Unit, for those who need an acronymn translation) is coming to season 5 of my beloved "True Blood" (A special shout out to Debby Holiday for my intitial alert to the leak) ....

According to the press release he is playing a "powerful and ancient vampire" uh, aren't they all?!

As a fan of both shows this has got this fang banger quite stoked, can I get a heart ripped from someone's chest high five?!

No word yet on whether he is a good vampire or a bad vampire, I am guessing he is a total bad ass, and after last years annoying and lackluster villain Marnie (yes, she of the over articulated voice and a demeanor that only an infant could fear) I can't wait for someone as fierce as Mr. Meloni to let loose his devil inside..!

Here's to plenty of  "doing bad things to you"  on the upcoming season of "True Blood" Meloni style...

"Waiting Sucks"! Indeed....

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