Monday, January 16, 2012

Farrah Burns "Mrs. Nice Watch"

Hip Hop Artist Farrah Burns first came to my attention upon writing a piece on pop singer Aiden Leslie and his hit song “Worlds Away” which featured Ms. Burns and her styling’s….

Rolling on with Farrah, she is now hitting it, with her latest “Mrs. Nice Watch” from her upcoming album the “ In Pursuit of Hip Hop” anthology laying it down on March 9, 2012.

Hey Farrah, let’s get to it!

MS: Glad you hit me up immediately when I contacted you.

FB: I’m all about the power of the now and wherever it takes me.

MS: Yeah, me too.

FB: I’m the kind of person that’s like, wait for it?…Now! (laughs)

MS: Well the first time I ever heard of you was on Aiden Leslie’s “Worlds Away”. That’s where I became interested.

FB: Sweeeet! That means a lot to me, it really does. Aiden’s and my first performance together was at Splash (New York) - I shut that place down! (laughs) I was all on top of the bar, dancing….I didn’t know where Aiden was, he didn’t know where I was. (laughs)

MS: (laughs) The next thing I heard from you was “Shotgun Wedding.”

FB: Oh, wow!

MS: It reminded me of Neneh Cherry.

FB: I’ll have to look her up.

MS: You don’t know her?! You guys have a similar awesome vibe, she’s Don Cherry’s daughter.

FB: I know who Don Cherry is.

MS: Well it’s a total compliment.

FB: Definitely checking it out.

MS: “Shotgun Wedding” was really reminiscent of her, I thought for sure she was one of your influences…so who are some?

FB: For me I would say Sade, Mos Def, Nina Simone, Anita Baker & Tupac.

MS: Cool!

FB: I didn’t grow up listening to hip hop, my first concert was Julio Inglesias.

MS: Oh, my, that’s a little too tame for me. (laughs)

FB: Yeah, well I had to go! (laughs)

MS: So, what’s up with you currently?

FB: Currently I just completed “In Pursuit of Hip Hop” it’s an anthology. Basically it’s a journey touching on Hip Hop and all the different elements, everything from mainstream to underground, hitting on all those different facets.

MS: How about “Mrs. Nice Watch”?

FB: It’s out right now! (laughs) and in the new year I will be shooting  the video for “Wax On, Wax Off”.

MS: Like clap on, clap off?

FB: Uh-huh, whatever works for you. (laughs)

MS: Name the biggest problem you ever want to have “In Pursuit of Hip Hop”

FB: The biggest? I don’t know what bank I want to bank with (laughs) Gee, I don’t know where to put all this money.

MS: We should all have that problem!

FB: Let me know what interest rates you have. (laughs)

Farrah Burns is “Mrs. Nice Watch" (ing) you at:!/farrah.burns

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