Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Michael Shinafelt Gets It In "The Summer Of Massacre"

Me & Scott Barrows: The Summer of Massacre Premiere
It’s time to turn the tables on the blogger, my nieces Shauna & Kelly Waters are interviewing me, yes me, about my horror movie debut “The Summer of Massacre”.

Yep, I am in the horror movie that is registered with The Guinness Book of World Records as having the highest body count of any slasher movie ever and it is out on DVD, now. Oh Yeah, and I am one of those bodies…

Alright nieces, bring it on…!

S&K: I know you've been a huge fan of horror movies for a long time, was being in one everything you expected?

MS: And more! I loved every minute of it!

S&K: What was it like being "murdered" on screen?

MS: Awesome!

S&K: Now that you've been in a movie, does it spoil the magic of movies now that you know what goes on behind the scenes?

MS: Not at all, what appears in the finished film is so different than what it’s like shooting it, it is truly fun to see the end result of the movie magic you have helped create.

S&K: Would you be open to more acting if the opportunity presented itself?

MS: Hell Yes!

S&K: What was the most difficult part of your scene?

MS: Needing to go to the bathroom in the middle of the shot and holding it (kidding) Honestly there was nothing difficult about the shoot, it was completely fun!

S&K: What was the atmosphere like being on the set of the horror film? Was it scary on set, or was it hard to act scared?

Me & Director, Joe Castro: The Summer Of Massacre Premiere

MS: No, the set was not scary. But it was not hard to act scared either, Joe Castro (The Director) was fun to work with…making it easy to slip into being freaked out!

S&K: What did your acting experience consist of before being a part of “The Summer of Massacre“?

MS: Community, College & a couple of Los Angeles theatre credits. Also a bit part as a Leather Daddy Vampire on “The Lair”.

S&K: I know you have some actors as friends, did you ask them for any advice while preparing for the movie?

MS: No.

S&K: What was your favorite part about being on set?

MS: Being in front of the camera, of course!

S&K: For your role in the movie, did you go strictly by the script or was there a chance for you to do some improv?

MS: I was told to wing the dialogue (which is not in the final cut) as the killer was coming at me. The Director said: say and act like you would if someone was coming at you with the intent to kill. Well I would be pi$$ed off and cuss them out, so that is what I did, as you know firsthand Shauna I have trucker mouth. (laughs) Even though the dialogue is not in the final cut of the film it helped in the performance that you see.

S&K: Did you build any relationships while on set?

MS: Well, I knew the Director, Joe Castro before I was cast in the movie. I also keep in contact with one of the actresses Kimmarie Johnson, even though we have no scenes together we were on set at the same time.

Me & Kimmarie Johnson: The Summer Of Massacre Premiere

S&K: Were there a lot of special effects used for your particular scene? If so what were they?

MS: We did practical effects on set, meaning I really had fake blood and gore all over me, however in the finished product all of the effects were added digitally, the look of the film is really great fun! The actual on set stuff that was done added to what you see on screen.

S&K: I know you are a huge fan of the movie, but what was your favorite part of it?

MS: If I divulged that I would have to kill you….

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