Monday, January 9, 2012

Sylvia Tosun "World Keeps Turning"

Sylvia Tosun is a singer-songwriter to be reckoned with. The operatically trained vocal powerhouse has a big hit on her hands with the thoughtful and extremely danceable, “World Keeps Turning”.

She also owns Sea to Sun Recordings, her own record label that puts out all of her music as well as Traci Lord's current dance smash, “Last Drag”. Sylvia appears in the song's video and gets to make out with Traci.

A smash hit single, her own record label and in a music video making out with an icon….fluff up your pillow and dream, here comes Sylvia Tosun!

MS: Hey Sylvia, since 2011 was such a lame year, let’s kick off the beginning of 2012 with some fun!

ST: 2011 sucked, completely! S-U-X apostrophe D!

MS: Then let’s rock 2012!

ST: You’re on!

MS: Since the 411 is you were an opera singer, what is your favorite opera to perform?

ST: La Boheme.

MS: Which male rock star would you be if you could?

ST: Freddie Mercury!

MS: Awesome, I picked David Bowie.

ST: Oh, I’d take him too, anytime baby! (laughs)

MS: What else would you like to own besides a record company?

ST: A mansion and a yacht.

MS: Oh, good one! Name your favorite place to write music.

ST: In my head.
MS: That makes sense, I thought maybe you had a little tranquil room or place you might go to.

ST: It’s always tranquil in my head with enough wine! (laughs)

MS: Funny, I drink wine when I write too!

ST: Totally, with a bottle of wine I can sit in a corner anywhere and write.

MS: Do you sing in the shower?

ST: Never! Once in a while if I am in a hurry I will vocalize in the shower, but I never sing in it.

MS: Since you lock lips in the video for “Last Drag” with her, what kind of a kisser is Traci Lords?

ST: Oh My God, she’s great! She’s amazing, she’s gorgeous, articulate and extremely intelligent. Also she is a lot of fun!

MS: Thanks Sylvia, you rule!

Keep the fun flowing in 2012 and check in with Sylvia at:!/SylviaTosun

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