Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Imperial Teen: Feel The Sound

Imperial Teen
Did you just say Yoo-Hoo? Uh, OK - well kids after a long wait the seminal group Imperial Teen is back with a new album to rock your socks off!

One of the coolest bands evuh whose biggest hit the "Yoo-Hoo" song was featured in the movie "Jawbreaker" with Rose McGowan (hey she was even in the video) - presents for your consideration their latest opus "Feel the Sound".

The current single from it titled - "Runaway" is sure to catch your fancy. Having interviewed the ubiquitous and talented Imperial Teen Leader Roddy Bottum years ago (for a now defunct piece of crap magazine that shall remain nameless) I wanted to give him and the other "Teens" a shout out and show of support - that's correct, you heard me... get your teen on b!tches and tell them Michael Shinafelt sent you. Check out "Runaway" and check it out now!

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