Monday, April 30, 2012

10 Stupid Questions: Aiden Leslie

  • It's time for another "Entertain Me" favorite, singer/songwriter Aiden Leslie to let loose and answer this writer's "stupid questions" - OK Aiden, here we are now, "Entertain" us.

    MS: Anything you are “Trying To Leave Now”?

    AL: Not at the moment. That was last year...

    MS: Do you aspire to perform with an Elvis hologram?

    AL: I didn’t know what a hologram was until recently…they kind of scare me☺

    MS: What's it like being a Devo, spill?

    AL:  There is nothing to spill…LOL. I feel like a nerd most of the time.

    MS: Isn’t Erasure that thing on the end of a pencil?

    AL: YES☺ AND also, a great band that inspired me in a huge way!

    MS: Glee or Smash?

    AL: This is probably the wrong answer…but neither.

    MS: What’s a Farrah Burns and should we all have one?

    AL: Hard to define, but (she’s) got it goin’ on!

    MS: So, where would you like to visit that’s “Worlds Away”?

    AL: Anywhere where I haven’t been before…and that list is long!

    MS: Falsetto or Auto Tone?

    AL: No question. Falsetto!

    MS: Bitter or Sweet?

    AL: It’s always bittersweet.

    MS: If your life was a pop song, what pop song would it be?

    AL:“My Way.” Frank Sinatra.

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