Thursday, April 5, 2012

Checking In With: Yvette Lopez

Six time “Playboy” Latina model Yvette Lopez is here, and she has the music in her.

With songs such as “Bloodrush” “Freakshow” and “Tell Me It’s A Lie” …

She wants you to dance!

So get off your butt and do it, and do it now…!

MS: Loving all your songs including the current one “Bloodrush” - your recurring theme in all of them seems to be about being lost in music.

YL: Music is my life, it’s all about music. My Father was a musician, he did his first 45 when he was 7, so all my upbringing was about music. Now that I am doing it, it seems to be all about music again.

MS: Of course you may intertwine that more with sex than he did. (laughs)

YL: (laughs) Yeah, mines a lot different than his stuff.

MS: But it all relates to music, I noticed that.

YL: I co-wrote 4 of the songs with Jens Gad of Enigma. I also co-wrote with a lot of other people, it was a lot of fun, I have never written before, I didn’t know I could. It came out very easily, and now I am excited to get back in the studio and do some more stuff.

MS: Writing is my natural gift, I don’t believe in writers block, if it doesn’t work, go back and change it.

YL: Exactly! That’s what a producer told me one time.

MS: Well your producer is right!

YL: Yeah, just go back and write it down.

MS: So, let’s talk about “Bloodrush” it’s about music, but it’s about sex & drugs as well….It’s crazy, it’s so open for interpretation on 3 different levels.

YL: (laughs) Yeah, my producer picked the subject and said: “What is a Bloodrush to you”? Of course it’s sex, what is better than that? So we went with that and when we were shooting the video I was so lucky that my friend, Mikey Post was there.

MS:  I thought that was Mikey

YL: Yeah, it was Mikey! I asked him to do the video and he said: “Hell Yeah” and there he was choking me and pulling my hair.

MS:  So what’s up with it Darlin’ ?

YL: Well I have the Playboy name behind me which is great, some people think, because of that: “Oh she’s a girl who just takes her clothes off” but if you listen to the music, it’s pretty damned good! Right now, we are figuring how to get it out to the radio stations and different venues. Did you ever hear my first single, “Tell Me It’s A Lie” ?

MS: Yes, Romi (Simmons) played it for me in her car after I saw you at EG Daily’s show at the club on Vine in Hollywood, CA. So what happened with that?

YL: We have it iTunes, it does pretty decent on there. After a while Romi and I got pretty busy and stopped promoting it, which was pretty silly,  and now we are promoting it again because of all the stuff that is happening.

MS: She told me what the song was about, before I heard it, it is about a woman whose man cheats on her with a guy, well OK, the lyrics are open for interpretation which is great!

YL: Oh yeah, that would be fine with me. It could about a guy or a girl….I date both sexes. I prefer a man to a woman, but…

MS: You  flow.

YL: Yep, at least in life.

MS: “Freakshow” is another song of yours I loved.

YL: I love that one too I recorded it here in Los Angeles, with Peter Rafelson, he’s worked with Lady Gaga, he wrote a number one hit song for Madonna, he’s pretty well known. I really want to put a show together with that song, me tied up in a cage, with a lot of stuff going on around me. With me and a bunch of little people and everyone doing all these crazy sex things. That is a turn on song for me.

MS: I especially like the line “Put the leash on, you know my kitty wants to play” OMG, what does that mean?! (laughs) You got your music career going on.

YL: I hope so, the music industry is all about doing it yourself these days.

“This is something that’s bigger than life”….”Bloodrush” - Yvette Lopez

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