Friday, April 20, 2012

Reel Life: Celebrity Sex Tape

"You guys are just jealous that I dabbled the dipstick in some Hollywood Creamy Sashimi" - Sex Ed "Celebrity Sex Tape"

CST is the number one movie on Netflix at the moment, and I can see why, this movie really takes me back to the teen sex comedies of my youth, the 80's to be exact, when my sister and myself, under 17 at the time, bought tickets to see the raunchiest teen sex comedy of all time (at least then) "Porky's" (Yes, the ticket seller was slacking and not asking or caring about under age teens catching the extremely "R" rated flick).

Well CST has out raunched "Porky's" and updated the naughty 80's for today's seen it, heard it and done it all audience.

Yes, Celebrity sex tapes are all the rage now, and a great way to get yourself some...fame and fortune that is. From the pioneer of the game, Paris Hilton to the copycat, Kim Kardashian, to the, yawn what a surprise, Kendra Wilkinson.

CST is about: Some 'BigBangTheory'-like guys are just having fun in college and stumble onto a party with a famous gal who does'nt realize she is being too friendly with strangers with a camera and a libido....

The famous gal's manager then blackmails the "Big Bang Theory" like guys for $500,000 million dollars for ruining his clients reputation after said video hits the Internet. The only way they can think to earn it? Bang other has been actresses online and make a bundle doing a load of "Celebrity Sex Tape"s...

Got it?! Good CST stars "Entertain Me" favorite up and coming actor, Jonathan "JB" Brett as "Sex Ed"  and another favorite here, the film company, The Asylum.

Despite all it's risque content, CST is also a movie with heart that extols the virtue of true friendship, and what that means. That being stated, if you want some good old fashioned 80's raunch that will take it even further than the teen sex comedy "golden era", check out this Netflix number one from The Asylum - tell them a "Porky's" fan sent ya ; )

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