Tuesday, May 29, 2012

John LePage, Debby Holiday & Del Shores Unite 2 Stop The Hate

Debby & Skyy Moore "Key To Your Soul"
Award winning singer/songwriter/actress Debby Holiday, who has had 10 top 25 Billboard dance hits (Dive, Half  Mile Away, Joyful Sound, Heaven, Never Give Up), and award--‐winning writer/director Del Shores (Sordid Lives, Queer as Folk)  have teamed up to produce the anti-bullying music video for the song:

KEY TO YOUR SOUL by John LePage featuring Debby Holiday.

The video addresses a topic close to both Holiday’s and Shores’ heart -­ bullying.

Told in an uplifting manner, the video speaks to anybody who ever felt different…and rose above!

Filmed in Dallas,, TX at the iconic Rose Room Ms. Holiday has this to say about the song:

"The fact that young people are out there being attacked for who they are, simply because they may not fit into some ridiculous mold someone has determined to be "normal", well ... it breaks my heart. They deserve our support. Since I make music for a living, it has just always made sense to send a positive message while you're rockin' out or shakin your booty. Might as well feel good about you - while you're doin it!" 

Agreed, this buoyant anthem is sure to become a huge hit this summer, and put an optimistic spin on a serious issue that is all too commonplace.

"I am truly grateful to John LePage for bringing Jeff Fedak & I on board to help write the song & to Del Shores for working tirelessly on the video & coming up with the whole storyboard. I am blessed to know so many talented souls."

Here, here Debby!

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