Friday, June 1, 2012

10 Seconds With: Hayla

Multi-Cultural Singer/Songwriter Hayla, whose current dance hit “I’m Free” was written in support of an ex-boyfriend she found in bed with another man.

Hayla was raised by two lesbian moms and is the daughter of a gay hairstylist, Hayla had her first number one hit at seventeen.

After experiencing prejudice during her youth Hayla’s message is a simple one: “Love and Compassion”

It’s time for the one and only Hayla!

MS: How are you this morning?

Hayla: Amazing!

MS: I was giving a listen to “I’m Free” just before you called I love the multi-cultural influence in your music.

Hayla: Really? Oh that’s awesome, I bet you have some musical talent.

MS: Actually I do have a background in music.

Hayla: Your comment made me think you did. I really hope you are going to come to the show at Los Angeles Pride on Saturday June 9th.

MS: I’m planning on being there.

Hayla: Yay! It’s going to be amazing! I’m headlining and will be on at 8:30. I’m going to have four hot male dancers, you are going to love them! (laughs) They are absolutely amazing, and Marco Marco is designing out clothes…I will also be performing with a live band, amazing people, really, I couldn’t ask for more.

MS: Speaking of Gay Pride, the background story for your song “I’m Free” is certainly interesting.

Hayla: Can you believe that? The funny story is, with the background I came from, that I didn’t figure it out. (laughs) That my boyfriend was….

MS: Gay? (laughs)

Hayla: No, no he’s Bi, he’s Bi (laughs)

MS: Well Pride is a great place for you to perform given your parental background.

Hayla: Oh yeah, and Mom’s going to be at the concert she’s flying in from Israel. This will be the first time she is really coming out of the closet, for real.

Check out Hayla at Los Angeles Gay Pride on the main stage Saturday June 9th at 8:30

Follow her on the Internet at:!/haylaofficial

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