Monday, June 4, 2012

10 Seconds With: Vassy

Australian native, Vassy Karaglorgos wants you to have a “Beautiful Day” with her new album.

“Beautiful Day” is a pop parade of giddy proportions, from a singer/songwriter who has melodies constantly on her brain.

So, pull up a chair, it’s time to get Vassy!

MS: Looking over your materials I was really impressed you had a song in “Cabin in the Woods” by the way.

Vassy: Oh, Thank You.

MS: I’m a horror movie freak, are you into that?

Vassy: Ya know, I’m not a big horror fan, but it was really cool that they wanted my song.

MS: “Desire” was a naughty little song. What makes you want to do fizzy dance pop?

Vassy: Well I’m versatile, “Beautiful Day” has that vibe about it.

MS: OK, but I want to know why. I looked at the video for your acoustic song “Fallen” which is so great and different than the vibe of your album, what drew you to this?

Vassy: Being an artist that’s kind of what I do. Sometimes I feel like doing this, and sometimes I feel like doing that. Ya know there’s no rules, we eat different food everyday, when you’re an artist you just create.

MS:  I wasn’t trying to put you on the spot, after hearing some of your edgier material I was curious what propelled you to this type of music.

Vassy: Oh no, it’s cool, you’re not putting me on the spot, I’m just not sure how to answer that question. (laughs)

MS: Your choir teacher in High School told you, you couldn’t sing, uh, OK, tell me about that.

Vassy: Well, I was in the High School choir and was told I couldn’t sing, then years later that teacher heard me singing on a national radio station and ended up writing an apology letter which is kind of funny.

MS: Too funny that you were written an apology.

Vassy: Uh huh, I was kicked out of High School Choir and was told I couldn’t sing and when you’re a kid that’s very disheartening. But I just took it and went: “OK, cool” instinctively I knew I was a leader and not a follower.

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