Friday, June 29, 2012

Introducing: Tom Connan

In today’s world music scene, there are many artists working to “break” in the U.S. market. In French singer-songwriter Tom Connan’s case, he is sliding right into the scene and breaking boundaries while doing it. His debut single “Live My Life” is a pop/dance anthem that is receiving support in clubs and on dance radio around the U.S. and internationally. Hereeeeeeeee's Tom!

MS: I was just giving your single “Live My Life” a listen it reminds me a lot of Erasure.

TC: Right! French producer Louis Corte already told me that a few months ago when I met him while I was in Palm Springs. I admire Depeche Mode!

MS: How did you get into music?

TC: I was used to writing songs when I was a kid, but I took the decision to get into professional music after I graduated from Law school in France. I realized that I didn't want to become a lawyer or anything like that. At the same time, I was reading tons of books of philosophy (Platon, Nietzsche,Badiou...) which opened my mind. Then I moved to the US to meet with people in the business, at the SCMC Music Conference in Washington, at the Independent Music Summit in Palm Springs where I met the incredible Harry Frank Towers, and then at the Coast to Coast Industry Mixer where I did a memorable performance of one of my songs called Beautiful Day. And that was it!

MS: As the head of the “French Invasion” what is your musical objective?

TC: I think European artists can bring something different to the US market. I'd like to add a fresh pop dance and pop electro sound to the mainstream, and at the same time bring strong lyrics with philosophical messages. Music is not only entertainment, but also an amazing art.

MS: Living or dead which artist or artists would you most like to duet with?

TC: I do love what Gaga musically makes. She's a genuine songwriter and an elegant dancer. Gaga created her own music genre at a moment where it became necessary to bring new stuff on the table. Jackson did, Madonna did, Eminem did... and now Gaga is the most creative musical artist, as far as I am concerned.

MS: Ever want to perform with a hologram?

TC: I prefer the true contact of the body, but why not... What is important is the crowd which gives you all the energy you need to do your best. Performance is also a spiritual act, you need to be psychologically ready if you want to give the most you can give.

MS: Would you describe yourself as a hedonist?

TC: Absolutely! Art is not only a discipline, it's a way of life. I love to cook, read, write, meditate... Basically, that's all I do in my life! But don't think I'm lazy: creation if a permanent process.

MS: Name the musical note that best describes your personality.

TC: C (Do) because it's the first note of the solfège scale. And when you decide to move on with your life, or when you're creating a song, you always need to start from scatch and reconsider all you think you already know to make something totally different. Never stop asking yourself questions about what you do with your life. Or that means you're already dead...

MS: Tell us what current song or songs make you want to shake your booty.

TC: Madonna's "Girl Gone Wild' makes me want to go to the club. Look at those dancers on the music video, you can't stay still while watching it!

MS: Do you think you “Move Like Jagger” when you do?

TC: Jagger is unique. But I'm not bad at dancing thanks to Michael Jackson; I used to do his choreographies in my room when I was a kid. You learn a lot when you do that every day, I'm telling you!

MS: Is there an album in your future?

TC: Yes, for the moment it's just an E.P.; I already recorded 4 songs. I'm looking for a record deal now to pursue the 'Live My Life' project and make a whole album soon.

MS: Any parting thoughts on “Live My Life” you would like to leave us with?

TC: I would like to add this: I think the American music is still today, no matter what people say, THE most creative in the world. That's also why I would like to be a part of it.

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