Monday, July 30, 2012

Hey, Killian Wells "It's Like That"

It’s no surprise that musician, songwriter and melodic dude Killian Wells, hails from New York City. Only the eclectic energy of a town like NYC could produce a pop star whose music appeals to dance freaks, new wavers and rockers alike. 

Although he struggled with anxiety and panic disorder since he was a boy, Killian learned to masterfully harness that nervous energy into his music.

Marked as “someone to watch” by bloggers, critics and fans alike, the buzz about Killian is growing. With his latest single and video co-starring GloZell & featuring Nixon...Yep Killian “It's Like That”!
MS: So, let's talk about your music, I was watching the video for “It's Like That” just before you called, would you be the bored employee at the diner you portrayed? (laughs)
KW: Probably not (laughs) I am kind of an overachiever. I'd probably be running the diner within a month.
MS: Well sometimes creative people tend to check out.
KW: Yeah, I definitely go into my own little world sometimes, and taking Klonopin for anxiety disorder doesn't help. (laughs) That helps me check out. Society in general these days suffers from some form of anxiety, there is always something to be anxious about, some people just don't tolerate it well. I have anxiety disorder since I was sixteen.
MS: Tell me about your fascination with music, when did it start?
KW: I've always been involved in the arts, I, funny enough I wanted to be a movie director when I was a kid. That is one of my fascinations with my music videos.
MS: The video for “It's Like That” is great by the way.
KW: I always have a hand in everything I do with my my music videos. Which is really rare for a pop artist, most people have handlers who are doing all the stuff for them. I've always wanted to be in entertainment to some degree, I initially wanted to be a director, then I wanted to get into acting, when I was twelve I met with New York agents who said the problem was that I looked my age, they wanted older who could play younger, well I said “Fuck This”. I was so upset that I couldn't do something that I wanted to do because of the way that I looked. Pop music was something that I have always been into, I thought if all these other kids can do this, then why can't I? I've always been very entrepreneurial driven, so I saw not just as a talent, but as a business. So I started studying the music business and seeing how I could do that, I did my first demo at the age of fifteen...then I um, um...I lost my train of thought, Klonopin! (laughs)
MS: (laughs) Oooops!
KW: Oh Yeah, now I remember I had a background in music, I used to sing in a chorus at an old folks home. (laughs) And at five years old I used to sing “Spoonful of Sugar” from “Mary Poppins” not gay at all. (laughs)
MS: One of my favorite quotes from the video of “It's Like That” that I have to ask you is: If Lady Gaga said sesame seed buns were all the rage this season, would you wear them?
KW: Uh no. I actually wrote the line “Lady Gaga says sesame seed buns are all the rage this season”.
MS: It's very funny.
KW: Thanks. It's funny because GloZell gets all the credit for it, everyone thinks it's her line because she says it. Little does everyone know, I wrote the treatment for the video. (laughs)
Lady Gaga says check out Killian Wells at:

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Video: Shara Strand "Jeykll or Hyde"

You may remember Ms. Strand from my "Entertain Me" chat at the beginning of July about her "Born Tonight" album and her infectious we've all "been there, done that" single "Jekyll or Hyde" - if not here is the link to jog your memory:

Well Shara has released the official music video for "Jekyll or Hyde"...Enjoy and have a great week!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Celebrating 50 Years Of "Close To Cathy": Mike Clifford

Vintage Mike Clifford Photo

Former Teen Idol and "Entertain Me" staple Mike Clifford is celebrating - today July 25th 2012 marks the 50th Anniversary of his signature hit "Close To Cathy".

Mike "I'm Not Dead Yet" Clifford has a few things to say about CTC's 50th...

MC: It feels like 10 years since I recorded it

MS: Did you think the song would be this enduring?

MC: Never. I was hoping it would last 15 days on the charts, but it actually lasted 12 weeks in the top 100. It's just amazing - I'm still identified with it and I have so many memories associated with it, along with so much wonderful feedback, it's just amazing!

MS: What do you want your legacy to be?

MC: Everyone is given some kind of talent whatever it may be. Mine was singing and other things shot off of that with the acting and the dancing. I just tried to make the most of what I had at the time, and constantly improve myself to be the best I could always be...I worked hard to make the most of what little talent I had. (laughs) My legacy is for people to remember, whatever I did, I always tried 100% ! The proof is in the pudding, if you are still listening to my music, not just "Close To Cathy" 50 years later...

MS: Cool!

Check out Mike in a more recent performance of his signature hit "Close To Cathy"

Rock on with Mike Clifford at:

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ponyboy Releases: "Pussy Killer"

"I know why you did what you wanted to make people think" - "LukaPonyboy

 Indie-rockers, Ponyboy. are independently releasing a three-part project inspired by the crimes and ensuing media frenzy of accused killer Luka Rocca Magnotta on his thirtieth birthday. The project consists of a six-track CD titled “Pussy Killer”, an art-house remake of the viral video “1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick”, and a music video for their song, “Luka”.

The self-described “art-fag” band is using the Magnotta case as a platform to address our culture’s fascination with violent crime.  The bulk of the work is in the forty minute album, “Pussy Killer”, the title being a reference to suspicions that Magnotta killed cats in online videos in 2010.  The album’s concluding track, “1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick” was actually scored to the original viral video of the same name with abrasive guitar noise and howls mimicking the action onscreen. 

“1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick” is also the soundtrack and title of the Ponyboy. remake of the gruesome shock video available on DVD.  Recently, a one minute trailer for the film was age-restricted by YouTube staff after they received complaints.  The band has also made a music video for their song “Luka”.  The song and video are a tribute to Magnotta from the perspective of a fan and potential future killer.  

My Ponyboy's have come a long way from their humble beginnings here on "Entertain Me" (The first PB chat: - The "Boys" have brought their brand of satire and commentary to a way darker subject matter, hey Charles McVey talk to Daddy....

MS: Why do a record on the Magnotta case?

CMcV: I became interested in the Magnotta case shortly before he was caught, and I assume there are a few specific reasons why I was drawn to it.  First of all the case was so extreme.  Every article I read became more and more horrific as the story unfolded. The fact that the dismemberment video was posted online was just so over the top, and it felt to me like it was almost a new type of crime; a crime for the internet generation. It was the beginning of June and there was already a ton of stuff online about it.  I probably researched it for four hours the first night.  Also, there were tons of posts from Luka and clues online on various social media sites and YouTube.  It really tweaked my sleuthing nerve.  I remember noticing that there were videos posted before the crime was actually committed a couple of days before people really started talking about it.  But even more intriguing to me than the horrible things Magnotta is accused of was the idea that he had done this all for fame and his extreme narcissism, as well as the ensuing frenzy of "Luka Fans" and "Luka Haters" online.

MS: How does it tie in with the rest of Ponyboy's work?

CMcV: From day one, Ponyboy. has written songs about outcasts and dark subjects. I'm sure that the gay side of the story, the idea that he killed "a lover", was something that made it feel like it fit in. And for the last few years my work has had an ongoing relationship of sorts with people in the porn community. But on top of that, Magnotta's back story is rather sad and fucked up.  It seems pretty obvious he was abused in the past, and when you watch video of him being interviewed you can just tell he's full of shit and just saying what he thinks the recipient wants to hear.  There were just so many angles to come at this story from, and the writing came really naturally, now that I think of it. 

MS: Isn't releasing a project about Magnotta on his birthday just giving him what he wants by feeding his ego?

CMcV:  He's already famous. This case is pretty well known at this point, and I don't think there's much that an indie rock band from Kansas can do to alter or impact that in either direction.  I don't think the lyrical content of "Pussy Killer" is complementary to Magnotta, and I didn't feel like the fact that it's still a sore spot for people was a reason enough not to do it.  If fact it seems more appropriate to make this kind of gesture while the wound is still fresh in the public's mind.  However, it seems we have already moved on to horror in Colorado.  

Thanks My Little Pony -  the video for "Luka" below, this video is not for the squeamish or faint of heart, so watch at  your own risk.

"Pony" Hard! at:

Facebook Ponyboy fan page:

"LUKA" VID on Daily Motion:


"PUSSY KILLER" on iTunes:

"Pussy Killer" on Amazon:

Monday, July 23, 2012

Your New American Idol Is: Mariah Carey

"If you don't know my dog's name is Jack, you must live under a rock" - Mariah Carey "Access Hollywood"

Earth to Mariah, we have much to teach you. No I did not know your dogs name was Jack, and I really don't care, sorry if I hurt your feelings. But how could I miss today's news?!

What do I think of this? It really does not matter to me as I have long stopped watching "American Idol" or is still the highest rated show on TV despite the ratings slip of late. Yeah, boo hoo to the producer's of that show....NOT!

Do I think Mariah will boost ratings, who knows, whatever, I am blogging on this because I do entertainment and it is "news" in the world I cover.

There are only two times I ever cottoned to Ms. Carey - 1) was her surprisingly good performance in the film "Precious" and 2) well if she promises to be drunk every week like she was at the Palm Springs Film Festival, I would TOTALLY tune in to see THAT!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Emmy Nominee: Margaret Cho

Margaret Cho as Kim Jong Il

Margaret Cho is "Like A Virgin" nominated for the very first time, for an Emmy that is on NBC's "30 Rock" for her dead on comedic portrayal as North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Il..... a favorite and friend to the blog here at "Entertain Me" it's about time Cho was nominated for her skills as a comedic actress and not just a comedian. Ms. Cho called in with this comment on her nomination....

"I'm so excited to have been nominated for an emmy, especially for 30 rock, which is an incredible show and also for playing a deranged and deceased world dictator who has divided the small country of my origin in two. That's the best part. I think that's what I'd call iron curtain irony" - Margaret Cho

Anyone who knows "The Cho" knows what a brilliant actress she can be, hey does anyone remember the great film "Face Off" directed by John Woo where she co-starred alongside John Travolta and Nicholas Cage as "Wanda"?

A toast to Margaret, here's hoping you win, Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl!

The Who Announces Their Quadrophenia Tour

Roger Daltrey & Pete Townshend 
The classic rockers announced they are headed for the road and it seems guitarist Pete Townshend wants to do more than "Move Like Jagger"....

At a press conference announcing the Who's fall Quadrophenia tour today, Pete Townshend made a racy joke about Mick Jagger. "What I remember of the size of Mick Jagger's penis – I remember it as being huge and extremely tasty," the Who guitarist said, referencing Keith Richards' disparaging remarks on the topic in his 2010 memoir. 

As a foot note they have a piece of music that is going to be included in the close of The Olympics...rock on with your bad selves!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Extra, Extra: Naama Kates Press Release That Quotes, Uh, Me

Very Happy to have been quoted in one of my favorite interview subjects & musicians press release -!

Naama Kates
wants you involved in “The Unexamined Life”

Naama Kates recently released her debut album, “The Unexamined Life,” which confronts idolized glamour and Hollywood superficiality with a candid yet triumphant determination. Her songs emerge from a war-torn heart with an inspired positive resolution, giving her songs a verbal punch that few songwriters know how to do. Critics everywhere are praising this burgeoning new Los Angeles artist, comparing her meticulous songwriting and powerful live performances to talents such as Fiona Apple, Natalie Merchant and Alanis Morissette.

With lyrics and themes inspired by a British bard and a Greek philosopher, she combines intellect with artistry in perfect balance.  As she reflects on her first year in LA, she captures the loneliness and isolation of anonymity in her provocatively honest, yet hopeful collection of songs.

See what critics are saying about “The Unexamined Life”:

“Naama Kates is as rare as they come... like an old mine cut diamond,
brilliantly burning her way through the universe." -Sam Levinson

(Before You Lose It) “.. opens in stark black and white, but gives way to colorful flashbacks and stunningly shot moments of enlightenment, capturing the intricate balance of emotions in the song.“ - Rockwired Media

“Singer-composer-actress Naama Kates’ songs are like minifilms,
experiences in sound, word and energy that stop and start again,
accelerate and explode and collapse and fall to the floor to catch their breath and reassess.”
-John Payne, LA Weekly

“Naama (Kates) gives a superb performance honing Marilyn Monroe's sultry vulnerability, Grace Kelly's elegance and Marlena Dietrich's intelligence.” -Soho Journal

“...every preconceived notion and judgment you may have would be checked at the door... with one flick of the wrist Naama completely changes the tone from a love ballad to a short, 'angsty' punk song. With every new song, the pleasant 'rug out from underneath you' musical surprises continue...” -Ricky Fitz, Take A Record

“Naama Kates can flat out sing. In today’s world of inflated talent and BS buzz, this is one girl that can carry a beautiful tune on her with no gimmicks, just good old-fashioned, beautiful writing and singing. Lets’ show this girl the love her music deserves and get more people talking about her.” -Loudvine

“What started with a small keyboard that Kates purchased at Guitar Center led to an impressive catalogue of original songs about universal themes, such as loneliness and unrequited love. Written with a soft touch and a slight edge, Kates' take on subject matter that could be dreary is light and hopeful, which is further elevated by her superb arrangements. Count backward from one-to-eight before you lose it.”
- Michael Shinafelt, Chorus & Verse

“Call her the darker side of Angus & Julia Stone, Naama Kates’ intense lyrics, comfortably numb vocals and spontaneous theatricality are curiously fresh. A seemingly intentional low-fi-ness infuses “Before You Lose It,” which climaxes with an abrupt sonic swell that caught us by surprise. Kates’ “Bleeding Heart” has a tongue-in-cheek “fuck you” pop sensibility, while “Tie Me Down” is a pop-jazz tune with unusual voice inflections. Very much an artist uninterested in the tried and true, Kates’ music is not for everyone; you either get it or you don’t.” -Music Connection

“It doesn't take long listening to Naama Kates to realize that she is an artist that is very hard to classify. Kates is anything but predictable. If you like pop, but you want something other than the standard fare you get on giant corporate radio stations, check this album out.” -Examiner

Naama’s lyrics translate to music like thoughts to a diary, exposing all the emotions and fears we experience in new places with unknown surroundings. Emotionally provocative, intellectually stimulating, and beautifully performed, her songs capture the emotions and longings so familiar but so difficult to articulate.

NAAMA KATES is available for interviews and review copies of “The Unexamined Life” are available upon request. Please let me know if you are interested.

confirmed Naama kates tour dates:
Tuesday, July 17: Pasadena, CA- Old Towne Pub, 9:00 PM
Wednesday, July 18: Carlsbad, CA- The Flying Elephant, 8:00 PM
Thursday, July 26: Los Angeles, CA- First & Hope, 8:00 PM
*More shows are being added

For more information, visit:

For all press inquiries please contact:

     Versa Manos || Kathleen Rodgers

Friday, July 13, 2012

His Name Is Woodson

Woodson Michel is the new face of R&B music. Deeply inspired by Prince, R. Kelly, Dru Hill and the great Michael Jackson, 

As this writer can verify his core values are humility and diligence. His sound is unique and crisp. Combine the two and you get a rare artist who effortlessly writes original songs, produce and sing.

Woodson began his career in Boston - please direct your undivided attention to the Woodson movement!

MS: Hey Woodson how are you, I see my text worked, you called! (laughs)

WM: Yeah it did! (laughs)

MS: Something I find cool is that one of your major influences is Prince, that really comes across in your song "She's Hot".

WM: Oh Yeah, I love Prince!

MS: What drew you to R&B music?

WM: Honestly? Gospel and R&B were always the most influential music in my life, I'm not gonna lie I am a sucker for love. (laughs)

MS: I love your first name it is unique, is there a reason behind it?

WM: There was a doctor named Woodson Carter, I know it's because of him that my Dad gave me my first name, but I am not clear on the exact reason why that is. 

MS: Tell me was "She's Hot" inspired by someone in particular?

WM: Yeah, I saw Kelly Hu on TV in the "X-Men 2" and thought "she's hot".

MS: You like action movies?

WM: I love action movies!

MS: Rumor has it you began your career in Boston, MA. were you born there?

WM: Well I am originally from Haiti and moved to New York when I was nine.

MS: Oh, OK.

WM: I have lived in Boston, MA for the last year, I recently moved out to Florida to be close to family. Boston was very unique, my footing is there.

His name is Woodson:

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Video: E.G. Daily "Wait"

It's time to roll out a video here at "Entertain Me" - "Wait" is an amazing video by friend and interview subject favorite E.G. Daily, who you may remember from such 80's classics as "Pee Wee's Big Adventure" "Valley Girl" & "Bad Dreams".

E.G. has been working on the "Me And a A Gun" project with music producer James Kaufman, for which I interviewed her for the first single and video, the lovely and moving "Somebody's Loving You" for at - here is the link:

While I loved that song, being a horror fan I loved this even more as the visual references gave a shout out to "The Nightmare Before Christmas" as Ms. Daily looks done up like "Sally" from said movie and Rob Zombie's classic "The Devil's Rejects" in which Ms. Daily starred as a hooker who gets shot square in the head and wants to do Princess Leia from "Star Wars" drag...check it out, this song and video rules, word!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

R.I.P. - Ernest Borgnine

I was on the phone with my friend writer/photographer Jay Jorgensen when he told me the news: Ernest Borgnine had passed away. Jay is a huge "The Poseidon Adventure" fan along with many of his friends....who Ernest did many kind things for in the City of Angels.

Here is the official report: Ernest Borgnine, the beefy screen star known for blustery, often villainous roles, but who won the best-actor Oscar for playing against type as a lovesick butcher in "Marty" in 1955, died Sunday. He was 95.
My personal memories or Ernest? "Escape From New York" where he played "Cabbie" - one of the best low budget, not to mention John Carpenter movies ever. Oh, and "Deadly Blessing" with Sharon Stone (yes, I am a SS fan, big time) where he played a crazy Amish Dude.
Of course "Poseidon" and let's not forget this gem....

Yep dude, you ruled !

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

PTX = Pentatonix

Photo: Tim Cruz

Pentatonix, the season 3 winners of the NBC a cappella singing competition series, "The Sing Off", have  released their debut EP, “PTX Volume 1”.  Described by to be “impossibly full sound,” the five-member band, named for the world’s most widely recognized five-note musical scale, is comprised of lead vocalists Mitch Grassi, Scott Hoying and Kirstie Maldonado with vocal bass by Avi Kaplan and beatboxer Kevin Olusola, each who arrange all their own music using only their vocals as instruments.

Well let's beat box it with and get down in the PTX with Scott Hoying and Avi Kaplan, word!

MS: You guys are amazing! What inspired you to use your voices as instruments?

PTX: We were all in choir and we all love vocal music, it's organic, it comes from yourself, it's such an amazing feeling to perform it for other people. Kevin loves all types of music he came up with the beat boxing and it worked out perfectly.

MS: Most people never think to use their voices for anything other than singing.

PTX: Yeah, totally.

MS: I really love your guys mash-up of Justin Bieber's "As Long As You Love Me" and Katy Perry's "Wide Awake".

PTX: We all listened to both songs and thought about which parts we really loved out of each song. Then we just put it together, and made sure all of the words worked with the melody. We really liked the feel of the Justin Bieber song so we kept the words, and we loved the chorus for the Katy Perry song, it was a very organic process.

MS: It's Amazing that you guys all found each other.

PTX: Yeah, it is really crazy that we all did find each other, it was obviously meant to be.

MS: When it happens organically it is meant, there's no way in your wildest dreams...

PTX: It's so crazy.

MS: You guys were on "The Sing Off" and that's where you met, I am assuming that was a good springboard for you.

PTX: Just to have millions of people watching you every week, the thing that was great about the show is it really was real, it represented you in the way you really are.

Give me a P, give me a T and an X - get yourself some "PTX Volume 1"

Monday, July 2, 2012

Getting To Know: Shara Strand

Shara Strand is your new “American Idol”….well OK, she isn’t and good thing too. How many winners of that show went onto the success Shara will?! Two…Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood.

Ms. Strand armed with a great voice and a desire to tell stories is going to better the pop world - with her literally titled single “Jekyll or Hyde” and her more ambiguously titled EP, “Born Tonight” Shara has something to say musically and personally.

Hey Shara, I know you are waiting, let me hand you the microphone!

MS: The thing that is interesting to me is you say you look up to Celine Dion, Barbara Streisand & Whitney Houston, personally I think your vocal quality is more Karen Carpenter.

SS: Ohhhhhhh, that’s kind of cool! You know when someone says something like that, right out of left field for me, I would never think about that, but I love Karen Carpenter.

MS: Your vocals are pure and uncluttered, very direct, much like hers.

SS: I’m more about telling a story than I am about vocal gymnastics.

MS: Let’s talk about your EP “Born Tonight” - you said it has been a long time coming and now you feel born in a metaphorical way.

SS: Where did you read that? I did say that. (laughs)

MS: It was in your press release. (laughs)

SS: Oh, OK (laughs) I had a list of titles for the EP - it’s a great EP and it finally came together within the last year. I was listening to the Rosanne Cash song: “Seven Year Ache” she says in the song “You act like you were just born tonight,” I thought it was interesting as there are all these good connotations to it, you are constantly reinventing yourself everyday. There is always an opportunity to learn more lessons and grow.

MS: When you have been working for a long time to bring something to fruition I can see how you would feel like you “birthed your baby” so to speak.

SS: Totally! When it was released I really felt like it was my baby.