Thursday, July 19, 2012

Emmy Nominee: Margaret Cho

Margaret Cho as Kim Jong Il

Margaret Cho is "Like A Virgin" nominated for the very first time, for an Emmy that is on NBC's "30 Rock" for her dead on comedic portrayal as North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Il..... a favorite and friend to the blog here at "Entertain Me" it's about time Cho was nominated for her skills as a comedic actress and not just a comedian. Ms. Cho called in with this comment on her nomination....

"I'm so excited to have been nominated for an emmy, especially for 30 rock, which is an incredible show and also for playing a deranged and deceased world dictator who has divided the small country of my origin in two. That's the best part. I think that's what I'd call iron curtain irony" - Margaret Cho

Anyone who knows "The Cho" knows what a brilliant actress she can be, hey does anyone remember the great film "Face Off" directed by John Woo where she co-starred alongside John Travolta and Nicholas Cage as "Wanda"?

A toast to Margaret, here's hoping you win, Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl!

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