Sunday, July 8, 2012

R.I.P. - Ernest Borgnine

I was on the phone with my friend writer/photographer Jay Jorgensen when he told me the news: Ernest Borgnine had passed away. Jay is a huge "The Poseidon Adventure" fan along with many of his friends....who Ernest did many kind things for in the City of Angels.

Here is the official report: Ernest Borgnine, the beefy screen star known for blustery, often villainous roles, but who won the best-actor Oscar for playing against type as a lovesick butcher in "Marty" in 1955, died Sunday. He was 95.
My personal memories or Ernest? "Escape From New York" where he played "Cabbie" - one of the best low budget, not to mention John Carpenter movies ever. Oh, and "Deadly Blessing" with Sharon Stone (yes, I am a SS fan, big time) where he played a crazy Amish Dude.
Of course "Poseidon" and let's not forget this gem....

Yep dude, you ruled !

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