Monday, July 23, 2012

Your New American Idol Is: Mariah Carey

"If you don't know my dog's name is Jack, you must live under a rock" - Mariah Carey "Access Hollywood"

Earth to Mariah, we have much to teach you. No I did not know your dogs name was Jack, and I really don't care, sorry if I hurt your feelings. But how could I miss today's news?!

What do I think of this? It really does not matter to me as I have long stopped watching "American Idol" or is still the highest rated show on TV despite the ratings slip of late. Yeah, boo hoo to the producer's of that show....NOT!

Do I think Mariah will boost ratings, who knows, whatever, I am blogging on this because I do entertainment and it is "news" in the world I cover.

There are only two times I ever cottoned to Ms. Carey - 1) was her surprisingly good performance in the film "Precious" and 2) well if she promises to be drunk every week like she was at the Palm Springs Film Festival, I would TOTALLY tune in to see THAT!

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