Friday, August 31, 2012

TV Watch: American Horror Story: Asylum

I'm so excited, and I'm not gonna hide it..."American Horror Story: Asylum" looks amazingly creepy, violent and scary, everything we horror fans loved about the first installment of the FX anthology series.

From the promo trailers and artwork to the cast of returning and new actors: Jessica Lange as a sadistic nun who runs the asylum anyone??? Are perfection!

Also I am excited to see Adam Levine as one half of the characters referred to as "The Lovers" as I am sure with a character moniker like that he will inherit the "Baring Your Booty" legacy of Dylan McDermott.

Seriously October 17th 10pm on FX can not come soon enough, in the meantime here are some of my favorite images and a clip thrown in for good measure - that are building my anticipation to a....fill in your own blank my fellow AHS fans and have a macabre Labor Day Weekend...Boo!

Sister Sadistic: Jessica Lange

Obligatory Hotttie: Adam Levine

I'll Be Your Nympho Tonight: Chloe Sevigny

Monday, August 27, 2012

Blaudzun: Extrapolates

MS: Extrapolate on “Solar”, your current song/video.

Blaudzun: Solar deals with a troubled love life obviously, the title was inspired by Ian McEwan’s novel.  But I try not to explain my songs too much because it deprives listeners of a first an honest chance to discover any meaning or story for themselves. 
This video was shot at locations world wide. It is 100% analogue and was filmed on 35mm with a LomoKino, a re-issue of an old camera from the Soviet Union. It’s directed by my dear friend David Douglas. The parts were you see me singing were shot in Barcelona (Spain).
MS: Do you love performing live?

Blaudzun: Yes I do love it a lot. Songs are meant to be played live in front of people, actually that’s the final stage of the writing process I guess. Songs don’t stop evolving after I recorded them. They continue to grow and change while singing them before an audience. A song is like a living being to me.

MS: Tell us about that rush.
Blaudzun:To be able to sing and to play with other musicians is what I like most. That’s the reason I don’t do solo performances that often. It’s great to create sound and musical layers with talented people and watch those faces in the crowd enjoy and reinforce the music coming from the stage.

MS: What song in your catalog best describes you?
Blaudzun: It depends on my mood I guess, but there’s no particular song that describes me best. Heavy Flowers (the album) as a whole is what I feel is me at this moment.

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Friday, August 24, 2012

T.G.I.F: Midnight Red "If I Ever Fall In Love"

T.G.I.F! The boys of Midnight Red are back with a new video, an Acapella cover of "If I Ever Fall In Love" -

As you might recall I have done past write ups on MR and have interviewed one of the boys, Colton Rudloff for Chorus and Verse and did a word association with him for this blog when "Hell Yeah" broke...

Here is, without further hyperbole, the boys of Midnight Red singing "If I Ever Fall In Love".

Enjoy your weekend....!

Get "Red"

Thursday, August 23, 2012

10 Stupid Questions: "Where The Bears Are"

"Whereeeeee The Bears Are" OK, Connie Francis did not croon THAT song, but undoubtedly it was the inspiration for the title of the hit web series "Where The Bears Are" - Set in the furry woods, of beards, male realness and Colt model used to be's of Silverlake, CA.

"The Bears" comes from the creative team of Rick Copp, Joe Dietl and Ben Zook. The web series is a comedy mystery that follows the misadventures of three Gay Bear Roomates living in the Los Angeles, CA neighborhood of Silverlake, CA as they attempt to solve the murder of a partyguest that has turned up dead in their bathroom.

Hey Bears let's get to it strike a pose, there's nothing to it....

MS: What do you Bears do in the woods?

Bears: Showtunes. 

MS: How do  you make a "Hot Toddy"?

Bears: You script a part that calls for someone brooding and sexy, then put an ad on Craigslist and cast an incredibly talented and hot actor named Ian Parks. 

MS: Were any of your neighborhoods sprayed with DDT when you were children?

Bears: We used to run alongside the truck and wave and chase it, all the while breathing in the toxic chemicals. I'm not kidding. 

MS: Margaret Cho or Kathy Griffin?

Bears: Love them both. In fact, I actually HAVE loved them a drunken three 
way back in the 90's. 
MS: Every cruised Craigslist?

Bears: Yes, but not for what you think. 
MS: Has anyone ever died at any of your Birthday parties?
Bears: Of boredom, yes. 
MS: The "Eagle" or "The Faultline" bar ?

Bears: Love them both. But, have to give it up to The Eagle, who let us shoot the series there for two days. Love Charlie and Hunter. 
MS: If there was a drink called a "Bear Bomb" what would it have in it?

Bears: As many carbs as possible. 

MS: Want to buy Sharon Tate's house?

Bears: No, but I would love to buy Sharon Stone's house. 
MS: OK, guys whose the sexiest Bear alive?

Bears: All bears are sexy. But, I just got back from Chicago and let me tell ya', there are some big, hot, hairy men there. 

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Aiden Leslie's "Diamond Dreams"

Aiden Leslie is an "Entertain Me" Staple...I first met Aiden when I interviewed him for his hit single "Worlds Away" for Chorus and Verse.

His first appearance here was for his follow up single "Trying To Leave Now" and then Mr. Leslie was game enough to subject himself to "getting stupid" for me with his "10 Stupid Questions" chat.

Well he is back and he is pursuing his "Diamond Dreams" take it away Aiden...!

MS: Define what “Diamond Dreams” are. 

AL: "Diamond Dreams" are anything that you have a deep passion for that you can manifest into reality for yourself. In many ways it's metaphorically speaking to get what you want out of your life and be it. 

MS: What were your “Diamond Dreams” growing up in Ohio? 

AL: I dreamed of something bigger for myself, someplace far away from Ohio. I dreamed of becoming a performer and singing on stage. Little did I realize that it would manifest into expressing myself through my own words and music. That has been the journey. 

MS: You are a big Erasure fan and it really shows on this single, I'm sure that was the plan.

AL:  Yes, a huge fan of Erasure! Always have been really inspired by their music. I'm often compared to Andy Bell (a huge compliment that I do not take lightly), so I can understand what you may be hearing. 

MS: Any advice for those out there who want to follow their “Diamond Dreams” ? 

AL: We have one go-around--why not go for what you NEED out of your life. Persistence is 95% part of the equation. Remember this when people tell you will not succeed...because they will. You will also have your supporters--nurture those relationships, as they will carry you, when others will not. 

MS: I've noticed you have been performing live a lot, how much do you love doing a live show?

AL: Performing LIVE is why I do this...connecting the music and my message to the people. Hopefully it will move them and help them see something different in lives...that is what music is all about. 

MS: So, what are Aiden's current “Diamond Dreams”? 

AL: I'm living them. 

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Monday, August 20, 2012

R.I.P: Tony Scott

This writer is indeed sorry to hear of Director Tony Scott's recent suicide, it was revealed today that he took his life over an inoperable brain tumor.

Tony directed many prolific films such as "Top Gun" & "True Romance" - most people forget (since it is so different from the rest of his repertoire) That he directed the elegant and artsy vampire flick "The Hunger".

With three of the most interesting leads in cinema history, the elegant and timeless Catherine Deneuve, the sexy and sensual Susan Sarandon & the enigmatic and never boring David Bowie.

This was a film that shaped me in my youth. Thanks to my late Father I have always had a thing for horror films. Cut to my first job ever in at the tender age of 16 in a movie theatre - and guess what film played in it, you guessed it "The Hunger"...

A modern take on vampire's it was the first time I had seen horror and eroticism blended so elegantly and artistically - this showed how horror could be adult and exciting. Since I got to see movies for free, I watched this at least 10 times! Sadly Hollywood does not make adult horror anymore and that's really a shame, and I think Scott's vampire yarn was pretty close to the last of this breed.

Tony Scott's "The Hunger" is one of the great modern horror films of American Cinema - and it really affected this writer, in fact one of my proudest possessions is the original lobby poster which I acquired on the job, I have it framed in my apt.

While there are many memories for everyone of this late great director of cinema, this is my personal and favorite one.

"Nothing Human Loves Forever"

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Getting To Know: Corinne Dekker

Guinea pigs, guinea pigs, guinea pigs...and while we are on the subject, Corinne Dekker is here for your entertainment, yes she of the guinea pig fetish – she is Ms. Charo Pickles, Celebriguinea extraordinaires Mom and assistant to one Ms. Jennie Garth on “A Little Bit Country” not to mention a comedian, actress and accomplished vlogger - The Canadian born Ms. Dekker is here to tell us: just how many licks does it take to get to the center of an udder?...OK Corinne, we're waiting...!

CD: I know I dialed the wrong number, I could not find where I placed the other one.

MS: You were prompt though, that's all that matters. Most people are, only a few times has “late” really happened, one of those times was when I interviewed Pamela Anderson.

CD: Really how late was she?

MS: She ended up being a half hour late.

CD: That's not too bad.

MS: No, it wasn't and she was really busy at the time. The funny part is once I got her on the phone I had to cut her off at some point because I was running behind schedule. She is the nicest woman, I loved her!

CD: It's because she is Canadian, we're all like that.

MS: Oh, you're Canadian too!

CD: Yes, all of us are nice, except for maybe Bill Murray. (laughs)

MS: So, let's talk “A Little Bit Country” - I was loving the udder episode. I can't believe you thought you needed to suck on a cows udder to get milk out of it!

CD: “A Little Bit Country” was a real reality, that whole bet with Jennie, where I had to suck the cows udder if that was not the only way to get milk out of one, I'm embarrassed to say, I did believe that.

MS: That was my next question, if you really believed that.

CD: Well it turns out my Mom thinks she probably told me that to make me drink milk as a kid, I don't know what. (laughs) I still kind of believe it, if the milk is stopped up that you should do was legitimate so I clamped my mouth down on that udder, I keep my bets.

MS: Udder sucking works, obviously, but it isn't really necessary. (laughs)

CD: No, but there are worse things in life than sucking a cows udder. (laughs)

MS: So I watched your latest vlog, I liked the Piglympics and I know you have a thing for Guinea Pigs.

CD: They are the most lovely little creatures.

MS: Yes, Charo Pickles is the Celebriguinea of the group.

Charo Pickles
CD: She is the celebrity, she has a Twitter and a Facebook page. She has fans of her own that are independent of mine.

MS: Why the name Charo Pickles?

CD: Charo was my first guinea pig baby and she has the same coloring as the actual Charo. Plus she makes squeaky noises, like when Charo goes “Coochie, Coochie”. Then, honestly I love dill pickles, so I thought, when you say it fast, Charo Pickles, sounds like, jar of pickles. She will glare at me if I only say Charo or if I just say pickles, so I always have to address her as: Charo Pickles.

MS: You and I should go out sometime.

CD: Perfect! You like guys and I like guinea pigs. (laughs) That could be a problem. (laughs)

MS: Getting back to bets and dares, your sushi dare was mega gross!

CD: I told Jennie about that. Yeah I went for sushi and I don't really love sushi...

MS: It's not my favorite either.

CD: I mean it's fine, but...I ordered the most disgusting looking sushi on the menu and it had a texture like paint, it was just gross.

MS: Yeah, I am not a huge fan of sushi either and never understood what people see in it. I mean I can eat it, but I never suggest that me and my friends go and have sushi.

CD: Michael think about this, maybe we are doppelgangers, maybe you are the male homosexual me and I am the female Canadian you.

MS: may be onto something, Ms. Dekker.

CD: Well I feel the same way about sushi and that makes something else we have in common.

MS: The last time I went for sushi was about four years ago for someone's Birthday and me and a friend of his threw Sashimi at him, of course we were drinking saki.

CD: Those were expensive airplanes! (laughs)

MS: You were on “Ugly Betty” when the show was actually good.

CD: I was on the second episode, and I am to blame for the demise of it, if they had brought my character back like they said they would, perhaps it would still be running. (laughs)

MS: Also you were on “How I Met Your Mother” I can't believe that show has been running that long.

CD: Yeah, what's it been on eleven seasons? I remember when it was pretty new and me and my friends were like: “That's a weird title, it will never work”. That was back in the day when sitcoms did not have these epic long titles. (laughs) It wasn't like “Everybody Loves Raymond”.

MS: That was a show I never understood.

CD: Oh I loved it, maybe you can help me, I want to go on a date with Brad Garrett. I met him once and he called me pretty.

MS: Funny?

CD: No, pretty, and I thought: “let's make out” ! He's single now and I'm single, we wouldn't even have to make babies because I don't want them. I'm single and ready to mingle. I'm not sure who you know, but get me some Brad Garrett.

MS: I don't really have a celebrity crush.

CD: Well it's not like I have a picture of him on my wall, I just want to go on a date with him.

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Monday, August 13, 2012

TV Watch: "Revenge" & "American Horror Story"

Two of my most favorite shows ever debuted last year..."Revenge" & "American Horror Story" and while I know I am a little slow on the draw with writing about the latest casting news, well whatever, I was busy writing about other things, so there and bite me!

So now I write as a fan of both shows who is over the moon or licking an udder about two of the most juicy pieces of casting evuh!

You got it, this is a fan gush, get over it. First off how brilliant was it of for the peeps behind "Revenge" to cast one of my favorite actresses, Jennifer Jason Leigh as Amanda's Mom?! She will more than go toe to toe with Madeline Stowe, she will obliterate that beotch, "Single White Female" anyone? JJL glad to have you back in a major role in a high profile project, the last time I saw you was at a Harmony Gold screening of your directorial debut with Alan Cumming - "The Anniversary Party" - "Yes" I know it's not the last time you worked, but it's the last time I saw you...go grrrrrrrrrrl, you are fierce!

Oh, and lest we forget one of the hottest men and stars on the planet, Adam Rivai Levine is on the second cycle of "American Horror Story".

Wonder if he will show butt like Dylan McDermott, odds on bet? "Yes" - hey he is sexy as heck and no proper hottie remains clothed in a horror opus.

Yep, I can't wait for the debut of these two shows, until then...I guess there is always "The People's Court".

Until they premiere tune into:

Saturday, August 11, 2012

James Durbin: Live At Universal City Walk

James Rockin' Da House at Universal City Walk
Hey all you Durbinators out there, I caught JD live at Universal City Walk last night and he rocked da house!

Opening with "Stand Up" from his current album "Memories of a Beautiful Disaster" James was in top form as always (does he ever give a bad performance)???

Rockin' It

I was in the press pit, so I took photos for everyone to see, including one of me and James back stage in the green room before the show where I got to hang with him, his son Hunter and his adorable wife Heidi - not to mention my friend and Mr. Durbin's publicist extraordinaire Ken Phillips.

There really isn't much more to say than I had a great time as you can see from the photographic evidence  from last nights show - Enjoy!

James and Myself Backstage Before The Show

And one more live shot to leave you begging for more...oh yeah!

James Rulz!

Get yourself  some more James and  "Memories of a Beautiful Disaster" at:

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Video: Message To Venus ""Change"

One of my favorite new bands, "Message to Venus" has a new song and video out bearing the title "Change".

You may remember my "10 Seconds With: Message to Venus" chat with lead singer Jandre Nadal in May.

If not, woot here it is!

So check it, don't wreck it! The new video for "Change" is below, watch it and watch it now....!

Got a "Message" send it to the guys at:

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lindsey Stirling: "The Phantom of the Opera"

YouTube sensation Lindsey Stirling is perhaps the first – and only – artist in the world to blend classical violin, modern dance, and pop into to one amazing confection.

On September 18th, Lindsey will be releasing her self-titled debut album, Lindsey Stirling, coming off the heels of an incredibly successful presence on iTunes. With 10 original tracks, the album will showcase Lindsey’s signature violin-electronic-dubstep style – opening with “Crystallize,” her most popular piece. Lindsey has already sold over 300,000 songs, several of which have hit the iTunes Top 100 as well as the top of the digital electronic charts. Lindsey also has plans for a follow-up album of covers, putting her unique twist on everything from existing video game themes to pop music.

Are you ready? Here is the incomparable Ms. Lindsey Stirling...!

MS: I am so blown away by your take on “The Phantom of the Opera” theme song!

LS: Oh neat! I was so excited about doing it!

MS: Well I for one am totally in awe your talent, I've never seen anything like it in my estimation, ask anyone, I don't gush easily.

LS: That's so awesome! Thank you so much Michael!

MS: You really took to the violin.

LS: Well I was drawn to the violin as a kid, because ever since I was little I had this center stage syndrome. (laughs) My parents took me to all the free orchestra concerts in town, and it was very obvious to see who the stars of the orchestra were. (laughs) At the beginning of the concert the violinist comes out and plays an “A” note for the orchestra and I was like: “Wow, they are the stars of the orchestra”. I started taking violin lessons when I was five, because I thought they were beautiful, fast and fun!

MS: The passion when you play the violin is so overwhelming.

LS: Generally I do it so much, so I have to love it, it has never gotten old.

MS: You utilize it in other mediums, expand on that.

LS: Well in High School there were a bunch of guys who were in a rock band. I had a crush on every single one of them. They were all older than me, but I played the violin and I offered to play with them one time –  they had me play a song at one of their concerts. So, it's like oh my gosh, a dream come true for me because all of these boys are so cute! From there I ended up becoming part of the band and we went on this little rock band tour....I was sixteen, it's a really fun memory, but looking back we were not really very good. (laughs) But it opened my eyes to how the violin could do all different types of music. They all left on missions so I was left without a band and I started writing music to my favorite radio hits, like: Hip-Hop. I explored different types of mediums because I was kind of getting burnt out on classical. Writing radio hits is what got me onto “Americas Got Talent”. Then I decided I wanted to start writing my own music, music that I like, I started looking for producers – I always want to keep a fresh style so I do everything from rock to trance music, it's fresh and always new. Even with no vocals, people seemed to be entertained the whole time.

MS: Even with no vocals, with your “The Phantom of the Opera” video I was enthralled. Very few people have ever attained that.

LS: Oh, Thank You.

Get your violin on with Lindsey at:

Friday, August 3, 2012

For Immediate Release: "My Career As A Jerk"

Being a big fan of the movement in music known as punk, I am entirely looking forward to this...Have a terrific weekend everyone !

Circle Jerks "My Career As A Jerk" 
To Be Released on DVD September 25  

I was a participant on a very long musical adventure through all the fun and miserable times and thinking about this I don't know if i'd change any of it! 
- Keith Morris 

MVD Entertainment Group
From the beginning, LA punk band the CIRCLE JERKSwere rooted in controversy. Formed by ex members of Black Flag and Red Cross (now Redd Kross) in late 1979, the band came to encapsulate the image, sound and energy of California Hardcore Punk. 

Filmmaker David Markey (1991: The Year Punk Broke, The Slog Movie) mixes in-depth interviews, rare live footage and historical perspective to illustrate the story of one of the most influential bands in the American underground. 

"I was at many of these shows, and let me tell you, there wasn't a tighter band in Los Angeles at the time," said Markey. "Making this film reminded me just how truly great they were."

My Career as a Jerk follows the band from their early days and classic debut to navigating the independent label and touring scene of the 80s to the addictions, fights and injuries that forced their break up. 

Of course the story doesn't quite end there...

Features interviews with members Keith Morris, Greg Hetson, Lucky Leher. Earl Liberty, Zander Schloss as well as J. Mascis (Dinosaur Jr), Henry Rollins (Black Flag), Brian Baker (Minor Threat, Bad Religion), and more.

Bonus Materials include: Deleted Scenes and Bonus Interviews 

#  #  #

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

R.I.P: Gore Vidal

OK, I know Gore Vidal was a great author and playwright, but what I will always remember him for is that he inspired one of the most awesome train wrecks of a movie based on his novel "Myra Breckinridge" I want to read the actual book one day, but until that time comes...

We have one of the best bad movies ever made, which brought many delights outside of the actual cinematic work itself, a very public cat fight between the ever gorgeous Raquel Welch and the late great Mae West... film critic Rex Reed's acting debut, not to mention the film debut of a young beautiful woman named Farrah Fawcett, may she too rest in peace.

Gore Vidal, was a literary and political trouble maker, something he was quite proud of...may his legacy live on.