Thursday, August 23, 2012

10 Stupid Questions: "Where The Bears Are"

"Whereeeeee The Bears Are" OK, Connie Francis did not croon THAT song, but undoubtedly it was the inspiration for the title of the hit web series "Where The Bears Are" - Set in the furry woods, of beards, male realness and Colt model used to be's of Silverlake, CA.

"The Bears" comes from the creative team of Rick Copp, Joe Dietl and Ben Zook. The web series is a comedy mystery that follows the misadventures of three Gay Bear Roomates living in the Los Angeles, CA neighborhood of Silverlake, CA as they attempt to solve the murder of a partyguest that has turned up dead in their bathroom.

Hey Bears let's get to it strike a pose, there's nothing to it....

MS: What do you Bears do in the woods?

Bears: Showtunes. 

MS: How do  you make a "Hot Toddy"?

Bears: You script a part that calls for someone brooding and sexy, then put an ad on Craigslist and cast an incredibly talented and hot actor named Ian Parks. 

MS: Were any of your neighborhoods sprayed with DDT when you were children?

Bears: We used to run alongside the truck and wave and chase it, all the while breathing in the toxic chemicals. I'm not kidding. 

MS: Margaret Cho or Kathy Griffin?

Bears: Love them both. In fact, I actually HAVE loved them a drunken three 
way back in the 90's. 
MS: Every cruised Craigslist?

Bears: Yes, but not for what you think. 
MS: Has anyone ever died at any of your Birthday parties?
Bears: Of boredom, yes. 
MS: The "Eagle" or "The Faultline" bar ?

Bears: Love them both. But, have to give it up to The Eagle, who let us shoot the series there for two days. Love Charlie and Hunter. 
MS: If there was a drink called a "Bear Bomb" what would it have in it?

Bears: As many carbs as possible. 

MS: Want to buy Sharon Tate's house?

Bears: No, but I would love to buy Sharon Stone's house. 
MS: OK, guys whose the sexiest Bear alive?

Bears: All bears are sexy. But, I just got back from Chicago and let me tell ya', there are some big, hot, hairy men there. 

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