Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Aiden Leslie's "Diamond Dreams"

Aiden Leslie is an "Entertain Me" Staple...I first met Aiden when I interviewed him for his hit single "Worlds Away" for Chorus and Verse.

His first appearance here was for his follow up single "Trying To Leave Now" and then Mr. Leslie was game enough to subject himself to "getting stupid" for me with his "10 Stupid Questions" chat.

Well he is back and he is pursuing his "Diamond Dreams" take it away Aiden...!

MS: Define what “Diamond Dreams” are. 

AL: "Diamond Dreams" are anything that you have a deep passion for that you can manifest into reality for yourself. In many ways it's metaphorically speaking to get what you want out of your life and be it. 

MS: What were your “Diamond Dreams” growing up in Ohio? 

AL: I dreamed of something bigger for myself, someplace far away from Ohio. I dreamed of becoming a performer and singing on stage. Little did I realize that it would manifest into expressing myself through my own words and music. That has been the journey. 

MS: You are a big Erasure fan and it really shows on this single, I'm sure that was the plan.

AL:  Yes, a huge fan of Erasure! Always have been really inspired by their music. I'm often compared to Andy Bell (a huge compliment that I do not take lightly), so I can understand what you may be hearing. 

MS: Any advice for those out there who want to follow their “Diamond Dreams” ? 

AL: We have one go-around--why not go for what you NEED out of your life. Persistence is 95% part of the equation. Remember this when people tell you will not succeed...because they will. You will also have your supporters--nurture those relationships, as they will carry you, when others will not. 

MS: I've noticed you have been performing live a lot, how much do you love doing a live show?

AL: Performing LIVE is why I do this...connecting the music and my message to the people. Hopefully it will move them and help them see something different in lives...that is what music is all about. 

MS: So, what are Aiden's current “Diamond Dreams”? 

AL: I'm living them. 

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