Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Getting To Know: Corinne Dekker

Guinea pigs, guinea pigs, guinea pigs...and while we are on the subject, Corinne Dekker is here for your entertainment, yes she of the guinea pig fetish – she is Ms. Charo Pickles, Celebriguinea extraordinaires Mom and assistant to one Ms. Jennie Garth on “A Little Bit Country” not to mention a comedian, actress and accomplished vlogger - The Canadian born Ms. Dekker is here to tell us: just how many licks does it take to get to the center of an udder?...OK Corinne, we're waiting...!

CD: I know I dialed the wrong number, I could not find where I placed the other one.

MS: You were prompt though, that's all that matters. Most people are, only a few times has “late” really happened, one of those times was when I interviewed Pamela Anderson.

CD: Really how late was she?

MS: She ended up being a half hour late.

CD: That's not too bad.

MS: No, it wasn't and she was really busy at the time. The funny part is once I got her on the phone I had to cut her off at some point because I was running behind schedule. She is the nicest woman, I loved her!

CD: It's because she is Canadian, we're all like that.

MS: Oh, you're Canadian too!

CD: Yes, all of us are nice, except for maybe Bill Murray. (laughs)

MS: So, let's talk “A Little Bit Country” - I was loving the udder episode. I can't believe you thought you needed to suck on a cows udder to get milk out of it!

CD: “A Little Bit Country” was a real reality show...um, that whole bet with Jennie, where I had to suck the cows udder if that was not the only way to get milk out of one, I'm embarrassed to say, I did believe that.

MS: That was my next question, if you really believed that.

CD: Well it turns out my Mom thinks she probably told me that to make me drink milk as a kid, I don't know what. (laughs) I still kind of believe it, if the milk is stopped up that you should do that...it was legitimate so I clamped my mouth down on that udder, I keep my bets.

MS: Udder sucking works, obviously, but it isn't really necessary. (laughs)

CD: No, but there are worse things in life than sucking a cows udder. (laughs)

MS: So I watched your latest vlog, I liked the Piglympics and I know you have a thing for Guinea Pigs.

CD: They are the most lovely little creatures.

MS: Yes, Charo Pickles is the Celebriguinea of the group.

Charo Pickles
CD: She is the celebrity, she has a Twitter and a Facebook page. She has fans of her own that are independent of mine.

MS: Why the name Charo Pickles?

CD: Charo was my first guinea pig baby and she has the same coloring as the actual Charo. Plus she makes squeaky noises, like when Charo goes “Coochie, Coochie”. Then, honestly I love dill pickles, so I thought, when you say it fast, Charo Pickles, sounds like, jar of pickles. She will glare at me if I only say Charo or if I just say pickles, so I always have to address her as: Charo Pickles.

MS: You and I should go out sometime.

CD: Perfect! You like guys and I like guinea pigs. (laughs) That could be a problem. (laughs)

MS: Getting back to bets and dares, your sushi dare was mega gross!

CD: I told Jennie about that. Yeah I went for sushi and I don't really love sushi...

MS: It's not my favorite either.

CD: I mean it's fine, but...I ordered the most disgusting looking sushi on the menu and it had a texture like paint, it was just gross.

MS: Yeah, I am not a huge fan of sushi either and never understood what people see in it. I mean I can eat it, but I never suggest that me and my friends go and have sushi.

CD: Michael think about this, maybe we are doppelgangers, maybe you are the male homosexual me and I am the female Canadian you.

MS: Hmmmmmmmmmm....you may be onto something, Ms. Dekker.

CD: Well I feel the same way about sushi and that makes something else we have in common.

MS: The last time I went for sushi was about four years ago for someone's Birthday and me and a friend of his threw Sashimi at him, of course we were drinking saki.

CD: Those were expensive airplanes! (laughs)

MS: You were on “Ugly Betty” when the show was actually good.

CD: I was on the second episode, and I am to blame for the demise of it, if they had brought my character back like they said they would, perhaps it would still be running. (laughs)

MS: Also you were on “How I Met Your Mother” I can't believe that show has been running that long.

CD: Yeah, what's it been on eleven seasons? I remember when it was pretty new and me and my friends were like: “That's a weird title, it will never work”. That was back in the day when sitcoms did not have these epic long titles. (laughs) It wasn't like “Everybody Loves Raymond”.

MS: That was a show I never understood.

CD: Oh I loved it, maybe you can help me, I want to go on a date with Brad Garrett. I met him once and he called me pretty.

MS: Funny?

CD: No, pretty, and I thought: “let's make out” ! He's single now and I'm single, we wouldn't even have to make babies because I don't want them. I'm single and ready to mingle. I'm not sure who you know, but get me some Brad Garrett.

MS: I don't really have a celebrity crush.

CD: Well it's not like I have a picture of him on my wall, I just want to go on a date with him.

Get Corinne a date with Brad Garrett at:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CorinneDekker

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/cdekker75?feature=mhee

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