Monday, August 20, 2012

R.I.P: Tony Scott

This writer is indeed sorry to hear of Director Tony Scott's recent suicide, it was revealed today that he took his life over an inoperable brain tumor.

Tony directed many prolific films such as "Top Gun" & "True Romance" - most people forget (since it is so different from the rest of his repertoire) That he directed the elegant and artsy vampire flick "The Hunger".

With three of the most interesting leads in cinema history, the elegant and timeless Catherine Deneuve, the sexy and sensual Susan Sarandon & the enigmatic and never boring David Bowie.

This was a film that shaped me in my youth. Thanks to my late Father I have always had a thing for horror films. Cut to my first job ever in at the tender age of 16 in a movie theatre - and guess what film played in it, you guessed it "The Hunger"...

A modern take on vampire's it was the first time I had seen horror and eroticism blended so elegantly and artistically - this showed how horror could be adult and exciting. Since I got to see movies for free, I watched this at least 10 times! Sadly Hollywood does not make adult horror anymore and that's really a shame, and I think Scott's vampire yarn was pretty close to the last of this breed.

Tony Scott's "The Hunger" is one of the great modern horror films of American Cinema - and it really affected this writer, in fact one of my proudest possessions is the original lobby poster which I acquired on the job, I have it framed in my apt.

While there are many memories for everyone of this late great director of cinema, this is my personal and favorite one.

"Nothing Human Loves Forever"

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