Monday, August 13, 2012

TV Watch: "Revenge" & "American Horror Story"

Two of my most favorite shows ever debuted last year..."Revenge" & "American Horror Story" and while I know I am a little slow on the draw with writing about the latest casting news, well whatever, I was busy writing about other things, so there and bite me!

So now I write as a fan of both shows who is over the moon or licking an udder about two of the most juicy pieces of casting evuh!

You got it, this is a fan gush, get over it. First off how brilliant was it of for the peeps behind "Revenge" to cast one of my favorite actresses, Jennifer Jason Leigh as Amanda's Mom?! She will more than go toe to toe with Madeline Stowe, she will obliterate that beotch, "Single White Female" anyone? JJL glad to have you back in a major role in a high profile project, the last time I saw you was at a Harmony Gold screening of your directorial debut with Alan Cumming - "The Anniversary Party" - "Yes" I know it's not the last time you worked, but it's the last time I saw you...go grrrrrrrrrrl, you are fierce!

Oh, and lest we forget one of the hottest men and stars on the planet, Adam Rivai Levine is on the second cycle of "American Horror Story".

Wonder if he will show butt like Dylan McDermott, odds on bet? "Yes" - hey he is sexy as heck and no proper hottie remains clothed in a horror opus.

Yep, I can't wait for the debut of these two shows, until then...I guess there is always "The People's Court".

Until they premiere tune into:

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