Friday, September 28, 2012

T.G.I.F: No Doubt - "Settle Down"

My Autographed Photo of Gwen Stefani
In case you were otherwise engaged this past week, No Doubt has finally reunited and released their first full length studio album in 11 years "Push and Shove"...really?! WTF?! What took you sooooooo long guys?!

Well I guess there were the two solo albums by Gwen Stefani in the interim (loved them both, I love her solo and with ND) - and everyone else went and pursued personal gigs...Hey Adrian I know I saw  you drumming for Bow Wow Wow once or twice.

"Settle Down" is the latest single from the album of one of the best pop/rock bands evuh in this critic/writer/music lovers opinion.

Loving that the band has released a collective effort and you know I love me some Gwen Stefani, Gwen Stefani, Gwen Stefani.....

What is that image at the top of the blog? Why it's my autographed photo of  Ms.Thing herself that hangs next to my vanity mirror in my closet with my clothes, I can not think of a better place for it to be.

A shout out to my friend Joy Collingbourne who works at the M.O.B. Agency the entity that manages ND and GS together or separate - for getting it for me....

T.G.I.F! It's the weekend peeps time to "Settle Down"...!!!

Leave your doubts at the door:

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Reel Life: It's The "Super Cyclone"

Ming Na & Nick Turturro in "Super Cyclone"

"When a SUPER CYCLONE threatens the entire west coast, a brilliant meteorologist (MING NA) and a brave petroleum engineer (NICK TURTURRO) join forces to battle the elements"...

That is the synopsis for Writer/Director Liz Adams latest disaster opus from the hottest independent company around: The Asylum.

Liz Adams last disaster flick for them was the well received "Air Collision" with Jordan Ladd.

Much like "AC", "SC" is a fun B-movie ride because of it's savvy writer/director and the game actors.

"Super Cyclone was so much fun to make – Ming Na and Nick were really game to do anything we asked of them – running from flaming hail – floating in a fridge – you name it". - Liz Adams 

I love this type of thing, from the stock footage of horrible weather, to the nudge and wink special effects. 

"The entire shoot was done in 18 days – it was really fast work for such a effects movie". - Liz Adams

Wow! That is quick! Congrats to Ms. Adams who is an award winning director for the short film "Side Effect" and is now making her mark as an astute low budget movie director.

Note to The Asylum: You should actually market this movie as a combo fun B Movie thrill ride and a drinking game. If I had a shot, a beer...whatever for every time a character in the movie said: "It's the super cyclone" - I would be either laughing myself silly or passed out by the end of the film. 

P.S. I was not drinking and I DID laugh every time someone said: "It's the super cyclone" the degree of laughter varied, it was dependent on which actor was delivering it...I had a ton of fun watching this!

Check into The Asylum at:

Friday, September 21, 2012

Getting To Know: Chris Rene

Four months after nailing his X Factor audition with a show-stopping performance of the self-penned “Young Homie,” Chris Rene released his fiercely personal anthem as a single. Signed to Epic Records the rapper/singer/songwriter/musician came in third place on The X Factor and enamored audiences with his talent and then-recent triumph in overcoming addiction.

Masterfully capturing Rene’s struggles with substance abuse and journey to recovery, the song that put him on the map “Young Homie” now boasts a fatter beat and smoother groove perfectly suited to Rene’s inspired fusion of hip-hop and soul-pop.

With his upcoming album “I'm Right Here” and his current hit single “Trouble” and legions of fans, Chris is in a good place and happy to be there...time to check in with Chris Rene.

MS: Congratualtions Chris I did a post about your latest single “Trouble” on my blog and it became the number one post this week.

CR: Oh, Fuck yeah!

MS: That blog is a testament to your popularity, since all it was was me posting a photo of you, the lyric video for “Trouble” and alerting people to it's release date and wishing them a nice weekend.

CR: That's so funny!

MS: You're popular! How was being on “The X-Factor”?

CR: Man, that was the experience of a lifetime! I was like, yes! My pals are going to see this! All the couches I slept on, all the things I did, which you will hear later because I am writing a book...all the people I've met are going to see me. I've been in jail two times because I made some wrong decisions and all those people are going to see me on fucking TV doing something positive and representing. That was all I needed, I didn't need to make it far, for me it was people seeing me do what I'm good at.

MS: You were sober for a three year period, then you slipped back, now you have been sober again for a year, what made it stick this time?

CR: A spiritual awakening. Having been in a car crash and realizing I could have left the Earth, and leave my Son without a Father. It made me realize how selfish I was, my reality was nothing matters it was all about what I wanted. All I wanted to do was get high and mess up my life, for me to realize that woke me spiritually. I decided I don't want to be selfish anymore, I want to be a good Father, Son, Brother and go with the gift that God gave me.

MS: You do need something like that, sometimes.

CR: Yeah, we all do, right?

Photo: Epic Records
MS: How much has LA Reid's support meant to your career?

CR: Everyone always asks me about him, having his support is invaluable. It's a trip to have someone like him who is in the music business and knows what he is doing and has worked with a lot of major talent. He saw a spark in me, the potential and I plan to blow him away the end of next year. I have so much more that I can do, that I can't wait to show the world.

MS: From what I've seen, he seems like a really cool person.

CR: He's a great guy.

MS: Anything else you think your fans should know about?

CR: Yeah, watch out for me on Ricki Lake coming up in October. Also look out for me on Nickelodeon.

MS: Oh, what are you doing on Nickelodeon?

CR: I'll be on the show, what's the name of it? “Figure It Out” the show is called “Figure It Out”. I'm looking forward to people seeing that, I had a blast and it's going to be awesome!

MS: Wouldn't it be so cool to get slimed on the “Teen Choice Awards”? I would love it!

CR: Oh man, that would be so great!

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Night With: The Strange Familiar

Myself, Kira Leyden Andrea, & Dilani Rosa
9/18/2012 was the night I saw one of the bands I interviewed live, you got it, The Strange Familiar played The Hotel Cafe in Hollywood, CA -

I love THC - it is intimate, chill and fun! My friend Dilani Rosa was in tow, she like me LOVED the TSF's vibe and music, Ms. Rosa in partik enjoyed the performance of a new track by them "Courage" -

Kira Leyden Andrea, lead singer for TSF was just as sweet and welcoming in person as she came across in my interview for Chorus and Verse :

Her husband Jeff was a cool cat as well, but more importantly if you have not checked these guys out, what are you waiting for?!

Get familiar peeps - and give their album "Chasing Shadows" and their current hot single "Unwanted" a listen.

In the meantime enjoy my non-professional but candid photos from the TSF at the THC ...!!

TSF: It's always showtime at the edge of the stage

TSF: Look at the fans enjoying the show

It's time for the post show meet & greet, oh yeah!

Monday, September 17, 2012

For Immediate Release: Guess Whose Opening For New Order On The West Coast? Run Run Run

Photo: Ron Geren
 Los Angeles indie rock quintet, Run Run Run confirmed today that iconic Manchester band New Order has hand picked the band to open the two West Coast dates of their upcoming October tour of North America. They are:

OCT 5 – New Order w/ Run Run Run – Oakland Fox Theater – Sold Out
OCT 7 – New Order w/ Run Run Run – Greek Theater – LA – Sold Out

Run Run Run recently returned from a brief visit to Russia (their fourth visit) with dates from Latvia to the Ural Mountains playing for more than 10,000 people and a solo club date in Moscow around their Russian language track, “Do Svidaniya”.  The band was also featured on national television and radio including MTV Russia, who called their music, ‘Energetic, sometimes gloomy, but in general, life-affirming and even incendiary music.” 

At the same time Run Run Run arrived in Europe, lead singer Xander Smith ( released his first solo CD, Hey San Pedro.  The first video from this record, “Oh Caitlin” landed him several additional live bookings, one of which was at the Blue Cat CafĂ© in Manchester. It was here that members of New Order, Johnny Marr’s band, Haven and the reformed Marion, joined Smith and all rallied their way through a set of Run Run Run and Neil Young songs. The seeds were planted here for the invitation to join New Order on the 2 West Coast dates.

“Run Run Run play epic music, as American as pumpkin pie, but with a deep rooted understanding and knowledge of where the most British bands like New Order come from and what makes them tick,” said noted British Xfm DJ Eddy Temple-Morris. “I'd turn up to the gig early if I were you....”.

Check out their video for "Pico"....

“The old joke “We’re big in Japan” really does apply to us,” said Run Run Run lead singer Xander Smith. “Except this time, we really are big in Russia and now we get invited to open for New Order. Not bad for a shoegaze band from Culver City, huh?”

From KCRW, KROQ, KEXP, WFNX and many more, Run Run Run has received many nods from U.S. tastemakers, but only modest commercial success up to this point here at home.  Now, with buzz growing in Australia, Europe, Canada and even the Russian Federation, it’s likely the band will be headed back to Eastern Europe shortly.

Before then, the band will head into the studio in Los Angeles this January to record a new full-length album with noted Russian producer Pavlo Shevchuk (Mumiy Troll, Ivan/Grisha Urgant).

Friday, September 14, 2012

"Entertain Me" Turns One !

Photo: Jay R. Lawton
Yep, it's hard to believe September 14, 2011 I published the first posting on this blog an interview with singer Graham Colton about his then current release "Pacific Coast Eyes".

Since that time there have been plenty of other interviews - Margaret Cho, Traci Lords & James Durbin come to mind.

Not to mention my geek guy thoughts on things I am a fan of: "American Horror Story", "Pretty Little Liars" and "Revenge".

This blog was started for me to have an outlet where I could write about who and what I wanted with regard to the Entertainment Industry. The things, people, music, movies....blah, blah, blah that I like and or find interesting.

In honor of turning a year old today I thought I would re-publish the #1 post on this blog.....or to put it a little more simply, the posting that has had the most hits of all time on "Entertain Me".

And the number one blog post is, drum roll please..... Traci Lords "Last Drag" !!!

Enjoy your weekend...!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

That Rogue Romeo

Photo: Emily Perez

Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou “That Rogue Romeo”.... Well his name is Kevin Stea and he's right here and now.

Kevin is quite ubiquitous and gets around – you may remember him from Madonna's “Blonde Ambition Tour” where he was not only a back-up dancer, but co-coreographer and dance captain for it as well. He also had a featured role as one of the dancers in the Las Vegas show “Goddess” featuring Cristal Connors in the camp classic “Showgirls”.

Mr. Stea is currently conquring another frontier, one he has always wanted to tackle, at the age of fourty-two, he is pursuing a singing career, that combines his love of dance, his visual flair and knowledge of the business having worked with so many greats in's time for “The Rogue Romeo” Kevin Stea...!

MS: Being involved in music as a dancer, what made you decided to pursue it as a voclist/performer?

KS: Music started for me when I went on “Star Search” as a dancer. I pursued a singing career with Capitol Records and that didn't pan out, but it started this little spark in the back of my head. When I went to Italy however I did get offered a recording contract. I was singing on live TV and it was going over really well, so they offered me a contract – they gave me the melodies and I wrote the songs because they wanted the lyrics written in English, that was the most satisfying part of the process, writing the songs. I gave up music for a long time after a series of shady deals...the truamatic experiences that happened in Italy. Recently, when I got injured dancing on tour, I try to look at my injury as a postive thing, not: “I'm an old hag” (laughs) So I thought “what is that one thing that really made me so happy and joyful”? That was writing my music. I knew I needed to pursue it and follow through with it the way I wanted to twelve years ago, or I would regret it for the rest of my life. I'm going to give it my all for as long as I can.

MS: You are doing it at a time when the music industry has so changed, it's much more difficult.

KS: It is much more difficult, but there is much more opportunity to be myself.

MS: Good point.

KS: Back in the day that was part of my frustration. They had me write lyrics about getting the girl and having this grand old time. (laughs) That's not what I want to sing about, that's not who I am. Now with social media and various outlets I have more power than ever to be myself in the music industry. I want to be myself as an artist, not some random production of a label.

MS: “Machine & Magic” is the name of your album, correct?

KS: Yes, it is. 

MS: By the way, do you play any insturments? I'm curious.

KS: Well, I play a little bit of piano and a little bit of drums, but I'm not going to say I will ever play either of them live. (laughs) I work with producers to create the sounds I want, and I usually have to act it out visually for them to get what I am going for. Musicians, being artists themselves understand what I am saying to them with body language.

MS: There are a few other artists I know who do that too.

KS: Sometimes you have to, there are things you can't always say with words that you can say with your body and vice versa.

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sandy Zacky Gets Random

Hello everyone, it's that time again, yep, time to "Get Random" and the subject in the "Entertain Me" hot seat is none other than Sandy with a "Y" not "E" Zacky.

You may recall Ms. Z from various posts on this blog most notably my chat with her about her music last year:

The ubiquitous Ms. Z took some time from her busy schedule to have some fun with me and to say "Hello" to all of her fans....OK, Sandy were waiting...let's do it!

SZ: I'm ready let's play your game. (laughs)

MS: Are you sure about that? (laughs)

SZ: Let's get to it.

MS: Singing.

SZ: The first song I ever fell in love with was "You'll Never Walk Alone".

MS: Sam Cooke.
SZ:  Oh, I love Sam Cooke, everything he ever did was amazing. I loved the inspiration he gave me, he was a very fine man.

MS: Blue Pictures.

SZ: I think those photos are fun!

MS: Solo.

SZ: That is something that I love very much, sometimes I feel insecure though.

MS: Mike Clifford.

SZ: I adore him and vocally he is perfection.

MS: One Olive Or Two.

SZ: How about five? I want more.

MS: Mary Wilson.

SZ: Such a lovely lady and what a wonderful honor to have met and gotten to know someone who has had such a great career.

MS: Show Me Talk Radio.

SZ: Adore it! Donna Linn is quite a gal, I love her! She goes for it, she is fearless.

MS: Fans.

SZ: Love them all, I can't get enough!

MS: Vitello's.

SZ: Great venue can't wait to perform there again.

MS: Tell us what the future holds for Sandy with a "Y".

SZ: Music is part of my soul and I want to keep going.

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Strange Familiar: Unwanted

"If I throw away all the garbage in my life /Happiness will come to me/ If I throw away every problem /Every pain will be undone."  
One of the coolest bands, The Strange Familiar has just released the even cooler video for their song "Unwanted".

"Unwanted" is the second single from TSF's album "Chasing Shadows" and was featured on one of my favorite TV shows "Pretty Little Liars" - "Yes" that's right I am a "PLL" & "TSF" fan, so there you have that.

Written by Kira Leyden (vocals/piano) and Jeff Andrea (guitar), "Unwanted,"  is one of the most poignant songs on the album. Donning a purple wig and gothic makeup, Leyden portrays a dark character running away from her problems and enticing others to come with her-"

With Leyden's expressive piano melody and stirring vocals, "Unwanted" is a powerful and emotional track portraying the desire to shed unwelcome toxins, whether an inanimate object, a person or a feeling. The song and video, much like the rest of Chasing Shadows, shows off the band's ability to write timeless music that tells a story through its sound and visual imagery; it connects with their audience on a deep emotional level.

Great job TSF, looking forward to seeing you September 18th at The Hotel Cafe in Hollywood, CA !

Un-familiar? Log onto:

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sing Along With: Marti Frederiksen

Songwriter, producer, engineer and drummer Marti Frederiksen was a 10th grade choir boy, yep that didn't take. Marti has had his a hand in some of the best hits of the last decade, co-writing “Jaded” by Aerosmith, “Undo It” by Carrie Underwood,“Sorry” by Buckcherry, and “Love Remains the Same” by Gavin Rossdale. 

With his restless drive Marti could hear the big picture, pick out the possibilities, and create new harmonies. He started, playing drums in a garage band and writing originals when he was only 15.

Three of Marti’s LA-area bands landed record deals, and that led Marti to producing. Soon he was with Virgin Records co-writing and producing for the Southern rock-tinged Brother Cane, including two songs that reached No. 1 in the Billboard Mainstream Rock Charts....with his many hyphenates look behind the control board, it's an engineer, it's a drummer, a, it's Super Marti!

 MS: You are the ultimate one degree of “American Idol” you have worked with everyone from Steven Tyler, Carrie Underwood, James Durbin & Daughtry – amongst others.

MF: I know man. Every year I think “who is it going to be this time”? (laughs) I've worked with so many of them. There were a couple of songs I wrote for Lee Dewyze that didn't make his current album.

MS: That's too bad.

MF: Well I'm actually kind of glad now, the album isn't doing much, and the songs ares still great maybe they will be recorded by somebody else,

MS: Hopefully someone with a higher profile.(laughs)

MF: Who knows, I hope they get accepted, or maybe...I don't know.

MS: It's interesting you have only worked with one of the two successful “American Idol” winners, Carrie Underwood. You have also worked with two successful “AI” alums who didn't win James Durbin and Chris Daughtry. Unless you are Carrie or Kelly Clarkson it seems you are better off not winning if you want to become a music biz success.
MF: That pretty much where it stands right now, but who knows, let's wait and see what happens with Phillip Phillips.

MS: You are a musician in your own right, you've played drums, guitar, keyboard and what else?

MF: Since I do all my own demos I take on every instrument, I even do vocals.

MS: Do you prefer songwriting and producing or being artist?

MF: Songwriting and producing, it's more all over the place. Being an artist you have to kind of focus on the one sound and dream, ya know.

MS: OK Marti, if you were an instrument which instrument would you want to be?

MF: Drums man. That was always my thing, if it wasn't for drums I don't think I would be writing songs.

Sing, sing a song with Marti at:

Saturday, September 1, 2012

For Immediate Release: Shonen Knife - "Ghost Train"


On the heels of their North American "Pop Tune Tour 2012" Japanese Pop Punk 

Princesses "Shonen Knife" have released their second promotional video from their latest album release "Pop Tune" (Good Charamel 2012).

 The video is for the track "Ghost Train"  shot at The Osaka Pangea and Shibuya O-Nest in Japan, it was produced by by Mike Rogers and Ken Nishikawa. 

After a brief break from touring Shonen Knife returns to promoting the "Pop Tune" album with a European 
tour and an "Osaka Ramones" (their Ramones tribute alter ego) appearance in their hometown of Osaka.

Check out the new "Ghost Train" video  below ...