Monday, September 17, 2012

For Immediate Release: Guess Whose Opening For New Order On The West Coast? Run Run Run

Photo: Ron Geren
 Los Angeles indie rock quintet, Run Run Run confirmed today that iconic Manchester band New Order has hand picked the band to open the two West Coast dates of their upcoming October tour of North America. They are:

OCT 5 – New Order w/ Run Run Run – Oakland Fox Theater – Sold Out
OCT 7 – New Order w/ Run Run Run – Greek Theater – LA – Sold Out

Run Run Run recently returned from a brief visit to Russia (their fourth visit) with dates from Latvia to the Ural Mountains playing for more than 10,000 people and a solo club date in Moscow around their Russian language track, “Do Svidaniya”.  The band was also featured on national television and radio including MTV Russia, who called their music, ‘Energetic, sometimes gloomy, but in general, life-affirming and even incendiary music.” 

At the same time Run Run Run arrived in Europe, lead singer Xander Smith ( released his first solo CD, Hey San Pedro.  The first video from this record, “Oh Caitlin” landed him several additional live bookings, one of which was at the Blue Cat Café in Manchester. It was here that members of New Order, Johnny Marr’s band, Haven and the reformed Marion, joined Smith and all rallied their way through a set of Run Run Run and Neil Young songs. The seeds were planted here for the invitation to join New Order on the 2 West Coast dates.

“Run Run Run play epic music, as American as pumpkin pie, but with a deep rooted understanding and knowledge of where the most British bands like New Order come from and what makes them tick,” said noted British Xfm DJ Eddy Temple-Morris. “I'd turn up to the gig early if I were you....”.

Check out their video for "Pico"....

“The old joke “We’re big in Japan” really does apply to us,” said Run Run Run lead singer Xander Smith. “Except this time, we really are big in Russia and now we get invited to open for New Order. Not bad for a shoegaze band from Culver City, huh?”

From KCRW, KROQ, KEXP, WFNX and many more, Run Run Run has received many nods from U.S. tastemakers, but only modest commercial success up to this point here at home.  Now, with buzz growing in Australia, Europe, Canada and even the Russian Federation, it’s likely the band will be headed back to Eastern Europe shortly.

Before then, the band will head into the studio in Los Angeles this January to record a new full-length album with noted Russian producer Pavlo Shevchuk (Mumiy Troll, Ivan/Grisha Urgant).

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