Sunday, September 23, 2012

Reel Life: It's The "Super Cyclone"

Ming Na & Nick Turturro in "Super Cyclone"

"When a SUPER CYCLONE threatens the entire west coast, a brilliant meteorologist (MING NA) and a brave petroleum engineer (NICK TURTURRO) join forces to battle the elements"...

That is the synopsis for Writer/Director Liz Adams latest disaster opus from the hottest independent company around: The Asylum.

Liz Adams last disaster flick for them was the well received "Air Collision" with Jordan Ladd.

Much like "AC", "SC" is a fun B-movie ride because of it's savvy writer/director and the game actors.

"Super Cyclone was so much fun to make – Ming Na and Nick were really game to do anything we asked of them – running from flaming hail – floating in a fridge – you name it". - Liz Adams 

I love this type of thing, from the stock footage of horrible weather, to the nudge and wink special effects. 

"The entire shoot was done in 18 days – it was really fast work for such a effects movie". - Liz Adams

Wow! That is quick! Congrats to Ms. Adams who is an award winning director for the short film "Side Effect" and is now making her mark as an astute low budget movie director.

Note to The Asylum: You should actually market this movie as a combo fun B Movie thrill ride and a drinking game. If I had a shot, a beer...whatever for every time a character in the movie said: "It's the super cyclone" - I would be either laughing myself silly or passed out by the end of the film. 

P.S. I was not drinking and I DID laugh every time someone said: "It's the super cyclone" the degree of laughter varied, it was dependent on which actor was delivering it...I had a ton of fun watching this!

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