Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sing Along With: Marti Frederiksen

Songwriter, producer, engineer and drummer Marti Frederiksen was a 10th grade choir boy, yep that didn't take. Marti has had his a hand in some of the best hits of the last decade, co-writing “Jaded” by Aerosmith, “Undo It” by Carrie Underwood,“Sorry” by Buckcherry, and “Love Remains the Same” by Gavin Rossdale. 

With his restless drive Marti could hear the big picture, pick out the possibilities, and create new harmonies. He started, playing drums in a garage band and writing originals when he was only 15.

Three of Marti’s LA-area bands landed record deals, and that led Marti to producing. Soon he was with Virgin Records co-writing and producing for the Southern rock-tinged Brother Cane, including two songs that reached No. 1 in the Billboard Mainstream Rock Charts....with his many hyphenates look behind the control board, it's an engineer, it's a drummer, a, it's Super Marti!

 MS: You are the ultimate one degree of “American Idol” you have worked with everyone from Steven Tyler, Carrie Underwood, James Durbin & Daughtry – amongst others.

MF: I know man. Every year I think “who is it going to be this time”? (laughs) I've worked with so many of them. There were a couple of songs I wrote for Lee Dewyze that didn't make his current album.

MS: That's too bad.

MF: Well I'm actually kind of glad now, the album isn't doing much, and the songs ares still great maybe they will be recorded by somebody else,

MS: Hopefully someone with a higher profile.(laughs)

MF: Who knows, I hope they get accepted, or maybe...I don't know.

MS: It's interesting you have only worked with one of the two successful “American Idol” winners, Carrie Underwood. You have also worked with two successful “AI” alums who didn't win James Durbin and Chris Daughtry. Unless you are Carrie or Kelly Clarkson it seems you are better off not winning if you want to become a music biz success.
MF: That pretty much where it stands right now, but who knows, let's wait and see what happens with Phillip Phillips.

MS: You are a musician in your own right, you've played drums, guitar, keyboard and what else?

MF: Since I do all my own demos I take on every instrument, I even do vocals.

MS: Do you prefer songwriting and producing or being artist?

MF: Songwriting and producing, it's more all over the place. Being an artist you have to kind of focus on the one sound and dream, ya know.

MS: OK Marti, if you were an instrument which instrument would you want to be?

MF: Drums man. That was always my thing, if it wasn't for drums I don't think I would be writing songs.

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