Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Strange Familiar: Unwanted

"If I throw away all the garbage in my life /Happiness will come to me/ If I throw away every problem /Every pain will be undone."  
One of the coolest bands, The Strange Familiar has just released the even cooler video for their song "Unwanted".

"Unwanted" is the second single from TSF's album "Chasing Shadows" and was featured on one of my favorite TV shows "Pretty Little Liars" - "Yes" that's right I am a "PLL" & "TSF" fan, so there you have that.

Written by Kira Leyden (vocals/piano) and Jeff Andrea (guitar), "Unwanted,"  is one of the most poignant songs on the album. Donning a purple wig and gothic makeup, Leyden portrays a dark character running away from her problems and enticing others to come with her-"

With Leyden's expressive piano melody and stirring vocals, "Unwanted" is a powerful and emotional track portraying the desire to shed unwelcome toxins, whether an inanimate object, a person or a feeling. The song and video, much like the rest of Chasing Shadows, shows off the band's ability to write timeless music that tells a story through its sound and visual imagery; it connects with their audience on a deep emotional level.

Great job TSF, looking forward to seeing you September 18th at The Hotel Cafe in Hollywood, CA !

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