Thursday, October 11, 2012

For Immediate Release: Ike & Tina - On The Road: 1971-72

If you are like me you love classic rock! You also know that despite their tumultuous personal relationship, Ike & Tina Turner were a kick ass music making machine!! I can't tell you all how excited I am for the release of this on November 20th 2012....!

By combining soul music with an explosive stage show, complete with the high energy dance choreography of Tina Turner and the Ikettes, and an ingredient sorely missed in today's soul - gritty rock n' roll - Ike & Tina Turner gained a reputation as one of the great live acts of all-time. In the early 70's, legendary rock photographer Bob Gruen and his wife Nadya toured with Ike & Tina, filming them performing, on the road, and behind the scenes. Now for the first time ever this footage is available to the public... This is a look inside a hardworking band as well as an iconic couple

With portable video recorders not as prominent during that era as they are nowadays, no one has seen scenes like this. But with the release of Ike & Tina: On The Road: 1971-72, fans are finally treated to a must-see behind-the-scenes view of the band, at the peak of their powers. Similar to an earlier DVD set, The New York Dolls: All Dolled Up, the Gruens toured with Ike & Tina and documented everything in black and white (and some color as well). Now, 40 years later, fans get to experience what it was like to be with one of the most popular touring/recording bands of this time period.

In addition to simply awesome renditions of several Ike & Tina classics, we also get a glimpse of the group at work in the recording studio, Tina and the Ikettes practicing their dance routines (and primping their wigs!), and goofing around on airplanes and in airports. We even get to see inside Ike & Tina's house and the couple's funky retro '70s home d├ęcor, as Tina cooks dinner for her kids.

A lot has been written about Ike and Tina's relationship over the years (mostly in the negative light). But for many years, they were able to coexist together in the public eye, and in the process, created some of the most exciting and gripping soul/rock music ever recorded. Now with Ike & Tina: On The Road: 1971-72, we have a more than worthy visual accompaniment to their classic sounds. 

"The film Whats Love Got To Do With It? shows why Ike and Tina Turner broke up," says Gruen. "Ike & Tina: On The Road: 1971-72 shows why Ike and Tina were together for twenty years before that."

Track Listing

River Deep, Mountain High 
Pick Me Up (Take Me Where Your Home Is) 
Oh Devil 
Gulf Coast Blues 
Shake A Tail Feather 
There Was A Time 
Heard It Through the Grapevine 
A Love Like Yours (Don't Come Knockin' Every Day) 
Under The Weather 
I've Been Loving You Too Long 
Walking the Dog 
You've Got to Get That Feeling 
Try a Little Tenderness 
Proud Mary 
I Smell Trouble 
Instrumental Theme Song 
I Want to Take You Higher

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  1. An Icon indeed and you are too young to remember them, lol. They were sooo good during those years. Thanks for the memories Michael.