Monday, October 15, 2012

The Horror: Clea Cutthroat

Bloody Clea: Say It 3 Times and See What
For Berlin performance artist and "Entertain Me" favorite, Clea Cutthroat everyday is some version of it any surprise it is her favorite Holiday?

Clea is currently on tour with the band Bonaparte, I decided to get my inner "Ghost Face" on and try to make her "Scream"...I don't think I did a very effective job of it, hey this was my first try at terrorizing someone cut me some slack!

Paging Ms. Cutthroat, you have a call....

MS: Hello, who is this?

CC: Michael, put down the margarita, it’s me…Clea! Naturally.

MS: Clea Cutthroat the performance artist who lives in Berlin?

CC: The one & only!

MS: What are you doing right now?

CC: I’m drinking margarita’s out of my Gatorade squeeze bottle as I sew hot pink sequins on spandex…one by one…a task that’s tedious enough to drive anyone insane (hence the margarita).

MS:Tell me your favorite scary movie.

CC: "The Shining"! Scared the shit out of my when I was 9…and still gives me the creeps every time blood gushes down the hallway after me, or I run into strange twin children as I’m grocery shopping.

MS: Mine is the original “Halloween”.

CC: Can’t go wrong with some Jamie Lee Curtis! Wasn’t there one with Busta Rhymes?

MS: Oh, that's a good one.

CC: I knew you would like the Busta version as well smile

MS: What are you going to be this Halloween?

Covered In Blood Again? With Bonaparte
CC: I’m actually performing in Graz, Austria this Halloween as its right in the middle of my tour with Bonaparte. So, in that case, I’ll be dead, a voodoo queen, a showgirl, a dominatrix, an aerobics instructor….well, you could say that everyday is a bit like Halloween smile

BUT , if I get a chance to go to a proper Halloween party after the show…I’m going as the Queen herself…Elvira!

…and you, Michael? What’s up your sleeve this year? 

MS: Me? I'm not telling you anything.

CC: Hmph. I’ll get it out of you after your third margarita smile

MS: Everyday is pretty much like Halloween for you, isn't it?

CC: Yes. I am damn lucky! BUT the only down side would be that living in Europe you don’t get the same excitement for Halloween. It’s slowly catching on…but, nothing as compared to NYC. One year I’ll have to make it back to The States for some proper celebrations.

MS: Do you take your make-up off at night or sleep in it?

CC: I could sleep in it, but then I would need a medicine cabinet full of Clearasil, and I could go as a lump of acne for Halloween! Lol! No, no…I take it all off! 

MS: Answer this next question or Bonaparte, every single one of them dies.

CC: Maybe it’s the margarita in my squeeze bottle, but this doesn’t make any sense…NEXT QUESTION!

MS: How much wood could a woodchuck, chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

CC: I plead the 5th.

MS: My patience is being tried Ms. Cutthroat.

CC: How do you think I feel after the woodchuck question?

MS: Oh, all right, how about this one? If you really did Cutthroat's how many throat's would you cut?

CC: Only as many as it would take till I could make a new ball gown smile

MS: Wrong answer, Happy Halloween Clea!

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