Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Horror: M.E. Franco

M.E. Franco - Cemetery Style
Fellow Horror lover and author, M.E. Franco is here to have some fun with me and answer some geeky questions about Halloween!

M.E. is the author of the popular paranormal romance/urban fantasy "Dion" series of books "Where Will You Run" and "Where Will You Hide".

OK, fellow geek, let's get silly...!

MS: How excited are you for the premiere of "American Horror Story: Asylum"?

MF:  I cannot wait! Like "The Walking Dead", that show has actually made me squirm on several occasions and that is hard to do.

MS: Do you hope Adam Levine shows booty? 

MF: Only once or twice every episode. Okay maybe three times, but no more than four. Okay, maybe four, but that's it. 

MS: Is "Sadistic Nun" a redundant term?

MF: Absolutely.

MS:  What are you wearing right now?

MF: Pajamas, my favorite.

MS: Are you wearing that for Halloween or something different?

MF: I'll have to wear something different this year. I don't want to be "exhausted mom" two years in a

MS: If you were a Halloween candy, which one would you be?

MF: Tootsie Roll

MS: Would you walk up to people and say "Eat Me"?

MF: Only if they made me mad

MS: What's your favorite scary movie & why?

MF: Scary movies make me laugh. I'm sick that way. So I love the campy ones like "Evil Dead 2" and "3". Although they are not movies, "The Walking Dead" and "American Horror Story" have actually given me the creeps on several occasions. I love that!

MS: Name which of these vampires you would most like to receive a hickey from - Dracula, Eric Northman or John Blaylock?

MF: That's a tough one...I'd have to go with Eric. 

Eric Northman
MS: How would you react if one of your friends told you they were a supernatural creature?

MF: I would want to know if the person could turn me into one too. Unless he was a zombie. Then I'd have to pass. No one wants to be a zombie.

MS: Say you were "The Bride of Frankenstein" what would you want as a wedding gift?

MF: Fire. Frankenstein is not hot 

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  1. Thank you Michael. What a great idea for Halloween! Loved these questions :)

  2. Great interview. I absolutely loved WHERE WILL YOU RUN. WHERE WILL YOU HIDE is on my TBR list, and I can't wait to read it.

    If you were the Bride of Frankenstein you would need more than fire to make him hot, unless you were going to use the fire to get rid of him.

    Good luck with your books.

    1. LOL...I was definitely using the fire to get rid of him!

      Thanks for the book love!! :D

  3. Awesome interview!

    I also love The Walking Dead, but I have to wait for season 3 over here in England. :-(

    1. Ugh! Sorry Zoe. I'll be sure not to post any spoilers ;)