Monday, October 29, 2012

The Horror: Sing-A-Long With The Drews

Described as "Americana singer/songwriters with twisted roots", The Drews are the lean and mean husband and wife music machine Jennifer and Andrew DiMartino  and were once voted Seattle's number one band...Boo!

As it happens this duo has managed to put one great macabre song on each of their CD's that I recommend to others, listen to and use for my Halloween fun!

Their first CD "Strategically Interrupted Silence" features "Lloyd's Eyes" which chronicles the demented activity of an optometrist who steals his patients eyes and collects them as trophies. Rumor has it he and Buffalo Bill from "Silence of the Lambs" do lunch once month and talk shop.

"Lloyd's Eyes" is musically insane and perfect fun for Halloween or anytime, you want to get all "eye for an eye" on someone's butt!

Next up "Necroditty" from their great CD "Sins of Others" produced by Conrad Uno.

Time to break the title down, Yo! Necro=Dead and if you substitute the word "diddle" for "ditty" the song title would basically translate into "Diddle The Dead".

If you need more of a song explanation than this consult a mortician, because I'm not getting into it any further with you guys, so there!

Get your spook on with The Drews at:

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