Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Farrah Burns: "New York State of Mind"

"90% chance that the fans going to hate/ but hates the new love that's all I gotta say"-Mey Mey Star

With that statement Ms. Farrah Burns, after taking some time to re-define herself is back and bolder than ever with her latest track "New York State of Mind".

Need more proof check out the buzz on Farrah's current single: "New York State of Mind" was a tribute to the different elements of Hip Hop. Each character represents an era from Hardcore, Westcoast, Old skool, Backpack, Mainstream, Abstract and Eastcoast. Farrah Burns taps into the different dimensions over a classic Nas track, setting the stage and revolutionizing the sound of music. Creative director Dominick Troy and Videographer Camko visually stimulates in a rare portrait/documentary style of video. The natural born Actress/Artist plays 7 different characters, each packing a lyrical punch sending shocks waves in the Hip Hop industry. Watch the "New York State of Mind" video.

Are you fluent in Hip Hop? Let Farrah present the "7th Element" to you...

"I'm in a New York State of Mind"

Farrah Burns is in the house at:

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