Thursday, January 10, 2013

My Meeting With David Bowie

This week has been a big one for music legend David Bowie. He turned 66 years young and he has released his first song in a decade "Where Are We Now". With an album to follow in March.

Yes! Anything Mr. Bowie does is head and shoulders above what's out there now. It also reminded me of the time I met The Legend.

Now, I am seldom, if ever get "Star Struck" - in fact most people are a polite "Hello" nice to meet you situation.

But David Bowie, well now that was an entirely different thing. I was working my first job upon arriving in Los Angeles, CA at the once landmark, now gone Tower Records on the Sunset Strip.

Minding my own business and stocking the shelves of the tape department (cassettes not 8 tracks) - I walked by David two times, when I finally registered he was in the store. I dropped my tape box and ran into the backroom of the store so as not to embarrass myself and screamed like a teenage girl: "Oh My God, it's David Bowie, he's out there in the store"!

After regaining my composure I walked back out and got a Tin Machine album and ripped the plastic off so he could autograph it as did my fellow co-workers.

Bowie was gracious, down earth, not to mention humble. When someone I worked with said: "Mr. Bowie it is an honor you are such a legend" His response was "Oh please, I'm not that big of a deal".

This was also in the era before camera phones, otherwise I am sure the gracious Bowie would have done photos with all of us.

David Bowie is an amazing artist and man who deserves everything he has rightfully earned, not to mention being one of the coolest people on the planet. Also the only famous person I ever got gaga over meeting.

Happy 66th David - and cheers to your latest "Where Are We Now"....!


"When I looked in her eyes they were blue but nobody home" :

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