Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Strange Familiar + "Pretty Little Liars" = An Awesome 2013...!

The Strange Familiar
After having their haunting hit song "Unwanted" featured on one of my favorite shows "Pretty Little Liars" last year, one of my favorite bands The Strange Familiar is back on the show with "Alibi", "Unwanted", and "Runaway Heart" on Season 3 of Pretty Little Liars on January 29, February 12, and March 12 episodes.
The songs are taken from their debut album "Chasing Shadows" - as a huge fan of both this  news is rockin' ! 
Last nights episode featured "Alibi" which is sure be be another hit for TSF.
I checked in with my friend and lead singer for the band Kira Leyden Andrea and asked her to give a shout out to all of you PLL and TSF fans as to what five things she wishes all of you in 2013.
Pretty Little Liars
Take it away Kira....!
1) Love - what's life without love? Love for our families, friends, our significant other, God, for all those who need compassion and a heping hand, and love for life!
2) Health - we often take the little things for granted - like being able to get out of bed in the morning - to see the sun rise - to share a meal with friends and family. But when things like these are taken away, we realize they are not so little after all. I wish for everyone to be blessed with good health of mind, body and spirit in 2013.
3) Peace - I know it may sound like a cliche pageant answer, but I wish for peace in 2013. Peace of mind - peace in our families, peace in our nation, peace between all nations.
4) Laughter - life can be heavy, so I wish that laughter will help lift everyone up in 2013.
5) Hope - for everyone going through a tough time, for anyone in pain... We all have our struggles, but hope is what keeps us going.

Thanks Kira for your well wishes to everyone....and being part of a band and a show that makes 2013 an already better year than 2012.
Turn and face the strange:

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