Monday, February 25, 2013

Naama Kates "King for the Day"

Naama Kates
"Imagine if suddenly everything happened your way

Oh wouldn’t it be grand to be king for a day, everyday?

‘Stead of sitting around watching old patterns repeat

Nothin’s shakin; just makin’ ends meet" 

- "King for the Day" Naama Kates

Naama Kates is back, after her critically acclaimed debut "The Unexamined Life" and the hit single "Before You Lose It" Naama has released the first single and video "King for the Day" from the album of the same name, which drops March 12...!

Ms. Kates has this to say about the song: "I wrote it when I was working on"The Unexamined Life", it was the first song I wrote after that record, while it was in production because I felt like, I was kind of living this dream really that I didn't even imagine, having my record done by this amazing producer, its like a lot of musicians' dreams when they come to LA I think".

I first met Naama when I interviewed her for the album "The Unexamined Life" for "Chorus and Verse"

As a fan, I am looking forward to the new album and seeing her perform live at The Silverlake Lounge on March 13th, coincidentally the day after "King for the Day" is released.

Naama's style is uniquely her own and it works! As Naama describes it: 

"I think my music has a lot of sort of different time period sounds and styles in it
but mixed together to make something new:and a little humor, a little sexy, smart and simple. Its just perfect".

Here she is "King for the Day" Ms. Naama Kates...!

It's good to be "King" at:


  1. Thank you, Michael! I always love your style :-) Thank you for being you and what you do and see you soon!

  2. Thanks Naama - Love your style too! Michael