Monday, February 4, 2013

Pentatonix On Tour...Now!

Photo: Andrew Ryan Shepherd
Hey, did you know the best acapella group in the world,  Pentatonix is on tour?!

Well they are and their first stop on the 2013 trail was The Henry Fonda Theatre in Hollywood, CA, and I of course as someone who covers them and more importantly as a fan was there thanks to their publicist and all around awesome guy, Ken Phillips.

My friend and fellow PTX fan Danny Bozarth was my plus 1 for the evening. Since the kick off at "The Fonda" Pentatonix has been playing to sold out crowds. Translation: if they are playing in a city near you and you want to see them live, get your tickets and get them now...!

Is there anything more that I can say about this amazing group that has't been said already? If there is, I'll save it for another time and let this exclusive live footage, shot by Danny, from the show speak for itself...PTX rules!

Hurry and get your tix to see PTX Live at:

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